Film Review: A Gun In Each Hand – 2013 Spanish Film Festival

If all of the other Spanish films are as good as this irresistibly funny opening night comedy, the 2013 Spanish Film Festival is going to be a very successful one!



A-Gun-In-Each-HandThe Palace Nova certainly knows how to throw fantastic Film Festivals to celebrate the variety of cultures in Australia. Thursday night was the opening of the Spanish Film Festival and wow, was it a fun event! There were fabulous Spanish Dancers, scrumptious Sangrias and the revered Spanish Beer Estrella Damm, and the  irresistibly funny opening night comedy A Gun In Each Hand. If all of the other Spanish films are as good as this one was, it is going to be a very successful festival!

Similar to films like Valentine’s Day (2010) this battle-of-the-sexes comedy features one of the most star-studded casts from Latin America, including Ricardo Darin, Javier Cámara, Candela Peña and Leonardo Sbaraglia.

A Gun In Each Hand focuses on six individual stories and is full of twists and turns based around relationship dilemmas. Each story begins with a man who attempts to get what he wants, whether it is Cámara’s funny attempts to woo back his wife or Noriega’s misguided efforts to win the attention of his co-worker, and every story ends up in a hysterical heap with each man becoming entirely mystified and perplexed as the woman in his particular tale ruthlessly twists the situation around!

This entertaining comedy is a brutally honest portrait of some fort-something year old men and how contemporary Spanish society is now seeing a significant change in the roles of each gender (could it be karma perhaps?)! It broke box-office records in Spain in December and is well worth seeing!

Kirstey Whicker

2013 Spanish Film Festival
 13-23 June 2013
Where: Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas

For further details visit or the Palace Nova Eastend website.


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