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Film Review: Bad Boys for Life

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return in the eagerly awaited sequel, with more laughs and fast cars.


It’s been seventeen years since the last Bad Boys graced our cinema screens and it’s been far too long a break since it was released in 1995.

Will Smith AKA Mike Lowrey, and Martin Lawrence who plays Marcus Burnett reprise their roles with all the humour and warmth we have come to expect, and the men (no longer boys) still look sharp. Their mantra is ride together, die together.

They are once again joined by the fantastic Joe Pantoliano ‘Captain Conrad Howard’ and Theresa Randle, Marcus’s loving, patient wife. They are supported by Vanessa Hudgens who plays Kelly, Alexander Ludwig as Dom, and Charles Melton as Rafe, who are the younger generation of police officers in the AMMO team alongside their boss Paola Nunez who plays Rita (one of Mike’s exes).

The film starts with a cool high-speed dash on the streets of Miami. Think glamour and fast cars. The focus moves to a women’s prison in Mexico where a violent escape ensues by Kate del Castillo – Rita.

A grown-up son of a dead drug cartel leader must bring respect to his family and take back what belongs to them. This puts Will Smith on the hit list.

Marcus is a new Grandfather and wants to enjoy his life and retire from the police force. He and Mike have a race to decide if he retires or continues on in the police force. Mike is violently shot in the street. It’s touch and go…

All Mike wants to do is find who is responsible for gunning him down. People are being assassinated all over Miami and Mike can’t rest until his shooting culprit is caught.

With a great soundtrack, hilarious lines (the audience were in stitches in parts) and a kickass storyline, Bad Boys for Life does not disappoint. The on-screen chemistry Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have is incredible.  So too are the ample car chases, fight scenes, helicopter crashes alongside a heck of a lot of ammunition, which all add to the watchability and enjoyment. There’s even black magic. And you couldn’t have a Bad Boys movie without the famous camera pan from the previous two films.  

All in all, it’s got everything you could ask for in an action-packed film from start to end.

If you’re looking for non-stop action film with hilarious facial expressions accompanied by great one liners then this is the film for you.

Reviewed by Gemma Crossland.


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