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Film Review: Biosphere

This hilarious sci-fi comedy feature tells the story of the last two men on earth, including an ex-President of the United States.


Biosphere is a captivating Sci-Fi Comedy from the accomplished Duplass Brothers. Mel Eslyn’s directional debut, it follows the story of the last two men on Earth. Two incredibly endearing lifelong friends, Billy (Mark Duplass) ex-President of the United States and Ray (Sterling K. Brown) a gifted Scientist.

Ray on instruction from Billy, built an incredible dome which would shelter them from our post-apocalyptic planet. This building has an ecosystem in place which sustains their lives. With a garden supplying fresh vegetables and a small pond with fish, they have everything they need to survive.

Amidst the sighting of a far-away green light in the sky, which could mean the end or an atmospheric change for the better, the fish begin to die alarmingly quick, including the last female fish so the reproductive ecosystem will no longer continue as a protein rich food source. Life must adapt and find a way.

Things are changing rapidly. The last male fish is undergoing a gender change, and simultaneously we see the same change happening to Billy. With change comes bravery and the wonderful ability to roll with it. The story takes place in the dome and is portrayed beautifully by the two actors. It’s uplifting, inspiring and looks at survival in an optimistic light.

The gifted actors and engaging storyline keep you engrossed all the way through, along with the chemistry and rapport between our two characters, which is sublime. I loved the comedy, and the writing which examines masculinity & the will to survive in an enlightening way.

It’s not a dark take on what could be the end of the world and humanity, but a beautiful uplifting way to look at our last two survivors and the love for life and each other.

Grab your popcorn and head to see it. It’s a movie that’s well worth a watch!

Reviewed by Gemma Crossland

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