Film Review: Boychoir

Film Review: Boychoir

A rebellious teenager with a beautiful voice is sent to the National Boychoir Academy, only to be looked down upon by his peers.



BoychoirThis inspirational story is the latest from highly acclaimed Canadian musical director François Girard (who directed The Red Violin and has an extensive background in staging operas).

Boychoir brings us an outstanding ensemble cast, with something to suit everyone, no matter what genre you prefer!

Two-time Oscar winner, the brilliant Dustin Hoffman, Oscar winner Kathy Bates, two-time Emmy winner Eddie Izzard and three-time Oscar nominee Debra Winger are joined by Josh Lucas, Glee star Kevin McHale, and newcomer Garrett Wareing in this gorgeous musical drama.

Garrett Wareing is the rebellious Stet (short for Stetson) with a remarkable voice. On the death of his alcoholic Mother, his teacher Ms Steel (Winger) convinces his wealthy estranged father Gerard (Lucas) to send him to the elite National Boychoir Academy. This suits Gerard, who seems to want to keep Stet from his new family.

Stet arrives at the prestigious Academy only to be looked upon as quite uncivilised, lacking the same years of training as his peers. This results in scepticism from harsh choirmaster Anton Carvelle (Hoffman) and his determined assistant Drake (Izzard). But the Academy’s clever headmistress (Bates) immediately sees how much a significant financial contribution from the father could help their Academy, so she persuades the men to accept Stet.

As soon as Stet joins the Academy, he immediately comes up against his choirmaster Carvelle who scorns him as a trouble maker who severely lacks vocal training. Then he comes up against his rival vocalist Devon (another newcomer with an outstanding voice, Joe West) who demands getting all of the solos –and the attention of the Academy heads.

Younger teacher Wooly (McHale) is another supporter of Stet’s. He can clearly see Stet’s potential and convinces Carvelle that Stet has the voice to get the boys choir into an eminent New York performance. It is here that the exhilarating music and the cherubic voices are more than enough to awaken any audience member.

This is a compelling performance by newcomer Warrell in his first film. How lucky is he to be the lead in such an inspiring film with Academy Award winning legends! The magnificent supporting cast and the absolutely magical voices of the American Boys Choir definitely make this one not to miss if you enjoy musical dramas!

Reviewed by Kirstey Whicker

Rating out of 10:  8



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