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Film Review: Hit and Run

Hit and Run is a comedy about a young couple Annie and Charlie (real-life fiances Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard) who decide to plunge into the future by leaving their small county life to embark on a road trip that may lead them towards the opportunity of a lifetime.

This is actually a dream for Shepard, as it shows his vast range of abilities when making a movie. He is basically responsible for Hit and Run, as he not only wrote the movie, he co-directed it with David Palmer. Then he is in the lead role with his fiancé Kristen Bell and did stunt driving in mostly his own cars, as he's also a major car enthusiast.

So, Annie (Bell) gets offered her dream job from a prestigious LA University. Her boss (Kristin Chenoweth) orders her 2 go 4 the interview, because she's too good 4 her current job. Charlie (Shepard) is very supportive, as he knows Annie shouldn't pass up this opportunity.

However, it probably should be noted that Charlie is no angel. He is actually a former bank robbery getaway driver now living in a small county safety under the witness protection plan and the assumed name — Charlie Bronson. Therefore, traveling back to LA is not the wisest move, as it would require going back 2 the scene of his crime. But then Charlie decides to take the old getaway car out of mothballs, a 1967 souped-up Lincoln (one of Shepard's real cars) so it's on for young and old!

Because Annie's ex (Michael Rosenbaum) doesn't like Charlie and doesn't want Annie to go. (Surprise surprise!) He finds out what Charlie did, what his name is and Facebook-friends the guy Charlie doubled-crossed in the robbery. That would be the dreadlocked  Alex Demitri (Bradley Cooper looking completely different to his usual sexiest man alive power!)

This movie is very funny! A great part of this is somewhat surprisingly, due to Tom Arnold. He is Randy,  Charlie's federal marshal minder. Watching his witness Charlie, Randy is a gun-dropping doofus who is especially dangerous when he's behind the wheel.

This is definitely one for the boys, but I saw it with a friend and she laughed as much as I did!

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