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Still from I Feel Pretty

Film Review: I Feel Pretty

Schumer and crew have managed to produce a film that while light on laughs still delivers a spirited and purposeful message.


Amy Schumer has, over the last few years, emerged as an experienced and versatile comic actor. With a number of sell-out shows and being picked up by Netflix, Schumer’s comedic talents are undeniable. Transitioning to film is always the next natural step for any comedian looking to make it big and Amy’s transition thus far has been a tad hit and miss. You can either get box office gold like Trainwreck or not even close in Snatched. So where does I Feel Pretty sit?

What cannot be denied is Amy’s acting ability and energy. Schumer has the charisma and presence to hold audience attention in just about anything she does. I Feel Pretty is a great example of Schumer really working hard to project that fun exuberance and character into her work to carry the film over the line.

I Feel Pretty follows Renee Barrett, a woman who leads a regular life while struggling with self-esteem and body image issues. While suffering a head injury at a “Soul Cycle” class, Renee wakes up to believe her body has magically transformed into someone resembling a fit and attractive model while in reality she looks exactly the same. With a new outlook on life Renee sets out to achieve her dreams and live life as she’s always wanted. With no fear she goes for the job she’s afraid to apply for earlier and participates in activities (like bikini competitions) that she would have never dared if she didn’t believe she looked different.

I Feel Pretty is a film that has its heart in the right place but suffers from execution. The overall message of body positivity still comes across as honest and heart-felt. A strong performance by Schumer and a solid supporting cast hold the film together. The general premise of the protagonist experiencing life in a different body, imagined or not, run its course in the late 90s/early 00s, a la Shallow Hal. Despite this I believe Schumer and crew have still managed to produce a film that while light on laughs still delivers a spirited and purposeful message.

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