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Film Review: Men in Black International

Chris Hemsworth in Men in Black

The latest in the hugely popular Men in Black series.

Men in Black International is the fourth instalment of the Men in Black film series and showcases two new agents, Chris Hemsworth as Agent H and Tessa Thompson as Agent M. Agent H is the accomplished officer who prefers to work alone and Agent M is the rookie seeking an appointment.

After their first unofficial failed joint mission they are formally assigned together for a new type of threat, they seek to protect the Men in Black organisation from a mole within. The roles they take on are somewhat generic, Hemsworth as Agent H is the wayward arrogant agent whose behaviour is tolerated as a result of a one-time victorious Hive Battle, Agent M is the typical determined rookie who offsets his cavalier ways whilst at the same time appreciates his counsel.

Agent High T played by Liam Neeson is MIB London Department Head whose never-ending faith in Agent H stems from having fought alongside him in the aforementioned Hive Battle and Emma Thompson as Agent O has given Agent M the chance due to her unorthodox entry into MIB headquarters. Men in Black International therefore has a strong cast, however the storyline is a little typical with not quite the same level of humour as when co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson have paired up on screen before such as in Thor: Ragnorak and Avengers Endgame.

Nevertheless is it is still enjoyable to watch and for extant fans of the Men in Black film series, it is a welcome change from Agent J and Agent K, still features imaginative alien characters, still has satisfying alien battle fight scenes and of course, still continues to flaunt the famous neuralyzer. In addition, like other recent gender swapped films such as The Hustle released earlier this year, it brings females into the franchise.Men in Black International was written by Iron Man co-writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway and is based on the Malibu comic series by Lowell Cunningham

Generic 3 stars

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