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Film Review: Monster Hunter

Video game Monster Hunter comes to the screen as a feature, perfect for the holidays.

Resident Evil’s Paul W.S Anderson once again brings video games to the screen in latest sci-fi action film Monster Hunter. Starring his illustrious ‘queen of kick-butt’ wife Milla Jovovich as Captain Artemis, this Armageddon occurs when her and her military unit are transported to another world – where they soon learn they are unwelcome guests.

Enormous and lethal monsters inhabit this world and deaths occur immediately; the entire film reads and feels just like the fantasy video game on which it is based. If you are a non-player of fantasy games in general or someone with no background knowledge of the Capcom Master Hunter video game on which it is based, it is possible to imagine what it is like to play the game by watching this film.

Just as in a video game, you learn more about your goal (which is the way to return home), as you battle to survive each enemy. There is a clear division along the levels of the game depicted by the changing scenery in the movie and, as you progress in your journey you are met with unexpected assistance from other characters to which your communication is limited. 

Warrior Hunter, played by Ong Bak’s Tony Jaa takes on the role of such a character in Monster Hunter. As Artemis’s companion throughout the film they communicate valuable information with each other with limited script. Their miscommunications are humorous at times (literally only a few times).

It is a very action based, illustrative and graphic movie with little plot or character development however as an interpretative piece, extremely effective. Milla Jovovich specifically chose the Dual Blades as her weapon in this film for both its visual effect and killing sequence. The monster enemies with limited weaknesses are explicitly depicted. There is no rest for the protagonist throughout.

Frustratingly the film doesn’t end as such; it leaves a taste for the sequel.

Monster Hunter opens on New Year’s Day.

TRUE TO THE GAME 3.5 stars

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