Film Review: Moshi Monsters: The Movie
Moshi Monsters

Film Review: Moshi Monsters: The Movie

Moshi Monsters is aimed at a young audience with little for adults to focus on; apart from good-triumphs-over-evil, there is scant substance.


Moshi MonstersThe Moshi Monsters craze is aimed at the younger audience, stated on their website as 6-14, and is a worldwide phenomenon. The audience in the cinema where I viewed the film seemed to be from the younger side of this demographic (with their parents, of course).

There is plenty of colour and action as the favourite heroes, Katsuma and Poppet fight the evil Dr Strangeglove and his hordes. With the aid of his henchmen Fishlips and Sweet Tooth, Strangeglove is part of C.L.O.N.C. (Criminal League Of Naughty Critters) and they plan to get their hands on the recently discovered Moshling Egg. The resourceful and clever Moshi crowd of course, foils them.

The antics of some of the monsters are amusing and there are some new Moshi Monsters added to the tribe, but the entertainment is strictly for the little ones and unlike Pixar and Disney there is little for the adult contingent of the audience to focus on. It has all the elements to keep the young ones amused: playful antics, chases, music and lots of bright colours.

Apart from the obvious “good triumphs over evil” message there is little substance in this, however the audience it was aimed at were enjoying it without doubt. I think it can be said to have fulfilled it’s brief and hit the mark.

Reviewed by Fran Edwards

Rating out of 10: 5


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