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Film Review: Nobody

Bob Odenkirk stars in this John Wick-style action thriller

Nobody was written by Derek Kolstad, the writer of 2014’s John Wick and co-produced by that film’s co-director David Leitch, and is very much cut from the same blood-drenched cloth with its simplistic plot revolving around an unstoppable assassin, its relentlessly fun, yet punishing, action and its stylish direction.

The film follows Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk), a retired hit-man who is bored and emasculated by domestic life, is in a passionless marriage and his son does not respect him. His family is further disappointed by him when he fails to adequately deal with a pair of home invaders, an event which ignites Hitch’s repressed rage, resulting in Hitch setting out to find the thieves. But due to complications, he ends up brutalising some thugs on a bus instead of the thieves. The situation is further complicated when one of those thugs included the younger brother of the Russian mobster Yulian (Aleksy Serebryakov) who then seeks vengeance on Hutch.

The performances are stellar with Bob Odenkirk being perfectly cast and convincing as both an every man and an unstoppable killing machine and a shot-gun wielding Christopher Lloyd steals the entire third act!

The chaotic, visceral, gleefully violent action is imaginative and beautifully choreographed, the song choices are glorious, the humour always hits its mark and the brisk 92 minute runtime just flies by.

The film’s only real issue is its bland Russian archetypal villains, but that doesn’t hinder the film’s quality drastically.

An adrenaline fuelled, bloody good time, Nobody is classic B-movie entertainment!

Reviewed by Jordan Ellis

Bone-crunching, B-movie entertainment 3 stars

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