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Paul Apostle of Christ, film

Film Review: Paul, Apostle of Christ

Director Andrew Hyatt’s Paul, Apostle of Christ, is an engaging film that never lets up.


The quality of biblical and Christian films has experienced a sharp ascent in the last month as films like Mary Magdalene and I Can Only Imagine achieving critical acclaim and attention. The idea of high production values and powerful performances to compliment the equally powerful messages is becoming more of a common premise in this genre. Where does Paul, Apostle of Christ sit within all of this?

To start things off, Paul, Apostle of Christ is a detailed account of Paul’s life while he was imprisoned in the Mamertime Prison in Rome. He is visited by his companion and disciple, Luke as he pen’s Paul’s thoughts and stories to create the Gospel of Paul.  At the same time Priscilla and Aquilla, friends of Paul, act as protectors of the Christian people within Rome, hiding them from the persecutions of the Roman people. They struggle with the decision of if they should stay or leave Rome as tensions rise in the city.

Paul, Apostle of Christ deals with a lot of compelling and historical material. As a result, the film becomes somewhat heavy. Scenes of the brutal persecution of the Roman people are interspersed with considerably thoughtful and theological monologues. These saddening images along with fascinating interaction of Paul and Luke create an engaging film that never lets up in its profound disposition.

James Faulkner as Paul and Jim Caviezel as Luke help propel this film a considerable amount. With so much of the film being monologues or dialogs in a prison cell it takes the presence of two acting veterans to make the content interesting and engrossing, which they do with ease.

Paul, Apostle of Christ will appeal to two types of movie goers. Those interested in the biblical and religious themes of Christianity, hope and faith and those who are fascinated by the history of Christianity and its early days within the Roman Empire.

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