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Film Review: Rosa’s Wedding

A life-affirming movie starring the fabulous Candela Peña

Rosa’s Wedding is a film about the journey of Rosa (Candela Peña), a middle-aged seamstress, living in Valencia. With a plot involving hyperbolically demanding family members and an unrelenting boss, Rosa hits boiling point as their constant pressures overwhelm her, leading her to finally take charge of her own life.

Inspired by the vows spoken by a bride (as seamstress Rosa fits her into her wedding dress), Rosa decides that in order for her life to change, she must marry herself. After all, marriage involves vows and commitment, and Rosa is committing to respect and love herself.

Does she learn how to set boundaries?

This film delves into the emotions behind boundary setting such as grief, mother-daughter love, the loss of a partner, and sibling relationships. Rosa is the “family” sibling as her brother and sister both place work and success before family. Her siblings are showcased with addictions as coping mechanisms, to make up for their lack of ability to connect. Rosa’s brother Armando (Sergi López) does not understand his son, and by the end of the film, still fails to understand how his marriage broke down.

Her successful yet lonely sister is Violeta (Nathalie Poza), and her father is Antonio (Ramón Barea), who has latched onto Rosa as a form of grieving his deceased wife, their mother. The least demanding family member is her daughter Lidia (Paula Usero). Her family, her boyfriend Rafa (Xavo Giménez), her best friend Laura (María José Hipólito), and her boss are the people in her life, yet they all take her for granted. They are soon to learn this is about to change.

Rosa returns to a time when she was happy, as a child with her mum in the sewing workshop in her birthtown, Benicassim. It is here that she decides to have the wedding. As the film explores many of life’s reflections, it is set against the beautiful scenery of this coastal town.

Although there are limited comedic moments, this romantic comedy is a light-hearted and uplifting film about self-empowerment, setting boundaries, and chasing one’s dreams. Perfect for anyone in midlife who feels their life is slipping away as they try their best to juggle all of life’s demands.

Rosa’s Wedding opens on July 22nd at Palace Nova Cinemas

a heart-warming film about self-empowerment 4 stars

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