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Film Review: Silent Night

A father seeks revenge on the gang members who accidentally shoot his seven year old son during a drive-by.


This new offering from legendary movie director John Woo (Face Off & Broken Arrow) and the producer of John Wick, John Pollack, comes this mostly dialogue free action movie.

A married couple are in their front garden on Christmas Day playing with their young son. Suddenly a violent scene erupts in the street where a gang driving fast cars are shooting at each other. A stray bullet hits their son, and he dies instantly.

The Dad Brian Godlock, played by Joel Kinnaman, goes after the gang leader and crew. He is shot in the throat at close range, giving him a good look at his assailant (Harold Torres). He is rushed to hospital where his life is saved during emergency surgery and has lost his voice due to his injury.

While recovering in his hospital bed, a detective visits him, but no words are exchanged between the two men.

Godlock eventually goes home, but he cannot move on with his life after the loss of his seven-year-old son. He dives into despair and alcohol, and after months of going downhill, his wife (Mureno) leaves him.

He gets hold of posters from the Police Station so he can identify the gang members. He works heavily on his fitness and fighting skills throughout the year to feed his bloodthirsty desire to exact revenge, a year after the murder of his son.

Brian doesnโ€™t care about his own safety or the pain he inflicts, with lots of stabbings and broken bones. All he cares about is vengeance and getting his own justice.

This is an incredibly tragic and brutal, action-packed movie that fans of John Woo have come to know. Somewhat different with very minor dialogue, but still stylish in parts with the use of slow-motion action sequences and lots of bloodshed.

A movie for viewers who delight in revenge plots.

Reviewed by Gemma Crossland.

Silent Night opens on December 7th.

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