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SuperSapiens documentary

Film Review: SuperSapiens

SuperSapiens will leave its audience in contemplation about humankind’s future and what sort of world we may be creating.


SuperSapiens explores the current state of technology and artificial intelligence and their possibilities for evolution, especially when it comes to the merging of both man and woman with machine.

Host of the documentary, Mikey Siegel, is a “consciousness hacker”; an engineer who pioneers the use of technology driven by science to support psychological, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing in humans. Through the documentary the audience also meets the enthusiastic Hannes Sjoblad, a “bodyhacker” who enthusiastically believes that physical chip implants in everyone’s hands will be society’s means of navigating day to day life in the future (and he’s already started implanting them).

These creative’s ideas and their “hacker” statuses bring to mind possible future Black Mirror episodes where life has become completely intertwined with the world of technology. Whether that is a good or bad thing, though, is entirely up to the viewer.

The documentary doesn’t just present technological pioneers though, with both sides of the complicated debate addressed. Susan Schneider, a Philosopher and Cognitive Scientist from the University of Connecticut, gives her forewarning opinions on the development AI technology, consciousness in machines and whether the technological paths we are taking will actually be advantageous to humanity in the long run.

With the idea of creating new technological existence comes the more troubling discussion around the longevity of human life. Questions are raised about how much longer homo sapiens will roam the planet, and if machines may ultimately be man’s destroyer (maybe Terminator had it spot on).

The overall aim of the documentary isn’t to sway the audience in one direction or another, but rather to form their own opinion on the current evolution of technology, alongside that of the human race, and what it may lead to in the future. With commentary from both sides of the divide, the viewer is left to consider how they would prefer to see their future and what place technology has in it, whether it retains its supportive place, such as a smart phone and TV, or if it engulfs our entire way of life. Either way, SuperSapiens will leave its audience in contemplation about humankind’s future and what sort of world we may be creating.


SuperSapiens will screen on the 19 of May 2018 for the Transitions Film Festival, which runs 18 – 27 May 2018 exclusively at Mercury Cinemas.

Check out the Transitions Film Festival site here.

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