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Film Review: The Hangover Part 3


hangover-3Hardly cinematic masterpieces, the ‘Hangover’ films have been huge hits. With a trio of boys behaving badly, how they land in and detract themselves from bizarre situations has conjured many laughs. Although still wallowing in a hovel of low-brow crudity, The Hangover Part 3 manages some semblance of wit. Coupled with a more engaging plot upon which to hang the mirth, it proves a good final outing for this very naughty series.

Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Stuart (Ed Helms) are worried about their friend Alan (Zach Galifianakis) whose life appears to be spiralling out of control. While taking him to a rehabilitation clinic they are kidnapped by dangerous mobster Marshall (John Goodman) who demands they retrieve some gold stolen from him by their old acquaintance Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong). Tracking him to Las Vegas what follows becomes an outrageous adventure for the self-proclaimed Wolf-pack.

After its disappointingly familiar second entry, the Hangover series concludes with a spring in its step. Slightly changing its popular formula, it has a welcome energetic freshness. The cast’s courage in doing anything for a laugh is noticeable as they succeed in making their roles unique. You never know what their weird and colourful characters will do next which is part of the fun. Even when events become increasingly absurd you still believe in them with their strange foibles helping or hindering their quest.

You don’t see these films for anything thought-provoking – it aims for laughs which this one mostly succeeds at delivering. Occasional flat spots surface although the general silliness carries the momentum. It continues strands from previous films and still pushes the envelope against political correctness. This quality makes it stand out with its bold humour preferable to playing it safe. Director Todd Phillips establishes a quick rhythm with the Las Vegas scenery looking suitably alluring as America’s ‘city of sin’.

The Hangover Part 3 is enjoyable and far-fetched nonsense. It ensures the series goes out on a high and should amuse those who have endured the comical capers of a very odd trio.

Reviewed by Patrick Moore

Rating out of 10: 7


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