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Film Review: The Hating Game

Based on the best-selling novel by Sally Thorne, this rom-com takes two opposite personalities and throws them together in the corner office.

If you’re a mad lover of Rom-coms like me, and are looking for something hilarious, with lots of sexual tension and chemistry, then The Hating Game is the movie for you!

Directed by Peter Hutchings and based on the bestselling novel by Sally Thorne, a stellar cast bring her story to life.

Starring a very attractive Lucy Hale (Lucy) from Pretty Little Liars and chiselled washboard-abs Austin Stowell (Josh) from Bridge of Spies, both perfectly matched to their roles. A brilliant portrayal of a horrible Boss played by the great Actor / Director Corbin Bernsen from LA Law Fame, and very likeable and relatable cast, it has the perfect ingredients for a rom-com we will love.

Lucy works diligently as an assistant to the CEO for book publishing company, Bexley & Gamin. She’s bright, bubbly, a people pleaser, but is a bit of a pushover who likes to be loved by her work colleagues. Joshua Templeman is the assistant to another CEO and is also her efficient ice-cold colleague who never smiles, confined in the same corner office, but he appears to dislike her just as much as she dislikes him.

They have become ingrained in an hilarious obsessive game of one-upmanship. Lucy can’t bear to lose to Josh and vice versa! A much-coveted internal promotion to become the Managing Director is in the offering. If Lucy wins she’ll be his boss. If she loses, she’ll resign.

All of a sudden, instead of hating Josh, she finds herself having sexual dreams about him, and after a steamy kiss in the elevator they slowly discover that they are attracted to each other. But this man wants to be loved for more than just his body.  

With hilarious scenes and one-liners, a great soundtrack from the likes of Angelina Jordan, Dagny and Benee, and a running time of 1 hour 42 minutes, it’s definitely worth the watch, and makes you pine for an office romance of your very own!

The Hating Game opens on January 27th.

Reviewed by Gemma Crossland

Passionate 4.5 stars

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