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Film Review: The Mystery of Henri Pick

This tight literary thriller stars Fabrice Luchini and Camille Cottin, last seen together in the smash TV series Call My Agent.

Venice Film Festival Best Actor Fabrice Luchini plays the lead role in The Mystery of Henri Pick.

In a considerably different yet somehow similar role whereby Fabrice Luchini plays a character confronted with an existential crisis, in this film he stars as live host literary critic Jean-Michel Rouche. The crisis begins when he questions a newly discovered yet deceased author’s authenticity on air during a live interview with the author’s widow, and in so doing loses both wife and career.

Perhaps initially spurred by this loss to seek vengeance on the dead author by proving his theory correct, he soon fixates on solving the mystery as an obsessive literary critic. Begrudgingly the deceased author Henri Pick’s daughter Joséphine Pick (Camille Cottini) joins Jean-Michel on his journey for the truth.

Although at first she feels somewhat disloyal to her father’s memory, as an avid literature lover herself, she needs reconcile her own ningling doubt as to how her pizza chef father who never read could be capable of composing such a scholarly masterpiece.

Together the reluctant pair, piece by piece uncover the true author of The Last Hours of a Love Story, the bestselling novel upon which the mystery revolves. If you relish mystery films and want one without the gore, this literary mystery movie is for you. It has all the excitement you would expect, has light humour, is well paced and set in beautiful Brittany. It is an adaptation of David Feonkinos’s novel Delicacy, published in 2016.

The Mystery of Henri Pick opens today.

PACEY 3.5 Stars

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