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Film Review: Yesterday

A charming comedy that pays tribute the legacy of The Beatles.


From the Academy Award Winning Director of Slumdog Millionaire Danny Boyle and the Writer of Love Actually Richard Curtis, Universal Pictures Movie Yesterday will hit our Cinemas on 27th June.  

Struggling wannabe Jack Malik played by Himesh Patel is an aspiring singer-songwriter down on his luck playing at small venues in a seaside town in Great Britain. His best friend Ellie (Lily James) is his biggest fan and Manager. Jack is about to call it quits when there is a 12 second world wide power outage and he is involved in an accident.  

Jack meets up with his friends at the local pub and they buy him a new guitar. They ask him to play a song and he starts to sing The Beatles’ Yesterday.  No one knows the song or The Beatles! Jack thinks it’s a bad joke and goes home to do a Google search. The only thing that comes up are the insects Beetles.  

This is a very funny and lovely British comedy moment. Even other well-known bands don’t show up in the search results.  

Jack has an epiphany and goes to work on trying to remember all the songs and lyrics to the Beatles.  

As he’s starting to make a name for himself, he’s invited onto a local television show and gets a call from Ed Sheeran saying he loved the song and asks him to be his support act on tour in Russia.  

He starts to make waves over the internet and Ed Sheeran’s manager wants to make Jack a star. He’s all set to record some songs in LA and she gets to work on his image.  

Jack Malik attends the Meeting of Meetings in LA as he’s starting to hit headlines and make a name for himself, but Jack is beginning to feel guilty for allowing the public to think he’s written some of the greatest songs of all time. There are a few elements that make you think something is beginning to brew and he’s going to get busted. 

Lovable actress Sarah Lancashire, from Coronation Street fame, follows Jack around on his brief tour of Liverpool as he searches for the inspiration behind some of the Beatles’ hits.  

There is a very funny heart-warming conversation between Jack and Ellie at Liverpool train station which brought a tear to my eye and will also make you giggle. 

There’s even a charming scene between Jack and one of the Beatles.  

This is an appealing British comedy with heart and soul. His friends add charming comedic elements, especially the likeable Rocky and Ellie. The movie is uplifting and teaches us to never give up on our dreams. It will leave you feeling happy and singing the wonderful timeless songs of the Beatles.   A cracking British film.

Reviewed by Gemma Crossland.

Toe-tapping 4 stars

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