Finally A Way To Afford That Weekly Blowdry & Live Life Large (With Great Hair)

Finally A Way To Afford That Weekly Blowdry & Live Life Large (With Great Hair)

It’s champagne pampering on a beer budget at this gorgeous Unley salon.


You can never make your hair look as good as your hairdresser can. We’re just going to put it down to a fact of life. And simply going to the hairdresser on the regular isn’t really a viable option for most people, unless you’re rolling in it and have some cash to splash. If our guess is right and you don’t, we’ve got a pretty damn good solution so that you can have your cake and eat it too hair done and save some coin too.

Fortunately Fon Salon gets us and they want to help out by offering $35 blowdries during September between Tuesday and Friday. For an extra $5 you can even add on gorgeous waves. We’re banking on this being a pretty sweet deal considering the amount of events/dinners/life we have going, Fridays are no doubt going to be hot property (pro tip: book early). Depending on your hair type, the service will only take about 30min to an hour so you can come in during your lunch hour, between meetings or during a quiet moment in your day.

You’re not just getting some shoddy blowdry either. Check out the gorgeous styles they’ve done previously:

Simply mention this post when booking to redeem the offer. Go on – have a break, have a blow dry.

FON Salon
107 King William Road, Unley
8271 6474

BOOK ONLINE HERE (don’t forget to mention the post when booking).

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