Finally! A Way To Teleport From Adelaide Across The Globe

Enter a portal and step out of your world with this Australian first.

South Australia’s newest festival, Hybrid World Adelaide (HWA), was on last week and over the weekend and it was AWESOME. We saw the launch of Australia’s first shared portal. Somewhat of a teleportation device, although we sadly didn’t end up on the beach in Greece with a mojito.
The gold, converted shipping container is equipped with immersive audiovisual technology that acts as a portal, you see. When you enter, you come face-to-face with someone in a distant portal and can converse as thought you’re in the same room. You can visit places like Afghanistan, Germany, USA, Rwanda, South Korea and beyond. 
Amanda Duthie, CEO of Hybrid World Adelaide and Adelaide Film Festival said:
“The launch of the very first Hybrid World Adelaide not only brings an introduction to the future but a connectivity to the world through our public program including the Adelaide_Portal. I encourage every one in Adelaide to come to Tonsley and experience this exciting digital playground.”
Michelle Moghtader, Co-Founder and Director of Global Development said: “Portals is a space where people can connect, create and play across all forms of distances. Adelaide is joining our growing network of dynamic and creative sites around the world that include Times Square in New York City, Berlin, Mexico City and many more. I’m thrilled to see what emerges from the first Portal in Australia.”
Continuing the introduction to the future was special guest, Japanese roboticist Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, talked about what a robotic society will look like, introducing various androids that are already at work in our daily lives. Hiroshi, Professor of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University, is famed for creating astonishing humanoid robots that can interact with people and respond to stimuli, including a life-like robot of himself.
In addition, ten key industry leaders participated in a rapid-fire Q&A session about preparing for the future, discussing everything from esports and cyborgs, to wine-making and portable medical devices.

To find out more about the festival, visit www.hybridworldadelaide.org.

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