Finally! The Perfect Gift To Get Your Vegan & Gluten-Free Friends

Brighten up the day of your bestie, colleague, or well-being buddy, with this thoughtfully curated gift box of happiness from Bundle & Twine.


Vegan friends, we love you. But man, you can be hard to buy for. Especially considering our second language is cheese. If you’re not across Veganism or you need a refresher, it’s about minimising all possible harm to animals through cutting out any animal products and animal bi-product from their lives (not just diets). This means vegans don’t have meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, fur, silk, suede, leather and products tested on animals are a definite no-go. The long list of animal ingredients to be avoided may seem daunting, especially when it comes to buying gifts. But alas! We now have the perfect solution.

You can forget flowers and brighten up the day of your bestie, colleague, or well-being buddy, with this perfectly curated bundle of happiness from Bundle & Twine. It’s a stylish gift box, packed full of gluten free, vegan, natural goodies, that will make the 3pm doledrums a thing of the past. And 10/10 for thoughtfulness.

The gift box includes:

  • Free shipping throughout Australia
  • Bundle + Twine signature gift box
  • Pumpy Jackson Coconut Super Chocolate (vegan and gluten free), 90grams
  • Coconut & Cacao Bar, (vegan, gluten free), 40 grams
  • Purabon ‘Peanut Butter’ Protein Ball, (vegan, dairy & gluten free), 43 grams
  • Anitpodes Artisan Sparkling Water, 500ml
  • Summer Salt Coconut Body Scrub, to pamper and rejuvinate skin (vegan)

At checkout you’ll have the option personalise a short, hand written gift card to go with your gift box to add just another touch.

Bundle & Twine also do a solely gluten-free bundle with a larger version coming soon (hopefully by the end of this week)

Keep your eyes peeled on the Bundle & Twine Facebook and Instagram. If you already have someone in mind who’d love this, you can purchase the gift box here:

While you’re there though, you HAVE to check out their full range of pre-made gift boxes and the DIY section. It’s a game-changer.

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