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Find Christmas shopping TEA-dious? We’ve Got You Covered

Shop for ourselves, shop for friends… you can really get some great Christmas ideas from T2.

T2’s new Christmas range will have you feeling like Oprah giving out free cars this year – you get a tea, you get a tea. Everyone this year is getting T2. Well that’s what our gift list is looking like anyway and you’ll see why.
This year’s limited edition range is dedicated to celebrating vibrant cultures around the world ahead of T2’s 20th anniversary and the results – stunning. They’ve drawn inspiration from places like Eastern Europe, Guatemala, Africa and Japan for these mesmerizing designs. The intricate patterns and bold colours will transport you to an exotic bazaar by just looking at them.


Shops have been decked out from today with these gems, including easy-as-hell Christmas options like stunning gift packs and stocking stuffers that people actually want. You’ll be able to find something for every budget (we have our eyes set on the bauble tea diffuser).


If that wasn’t enough though, the tea gods have graced us with some gifts for the soul. You can buy handmade coasters from Africa made using recycled telephone lines or put the HIP in flask with a flask carrier made in Guatemala. All proceeds go directly back into the community, because it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Oh and you’ll want to get your hands on the gold flaked Tiny Twinkler biscuits for stockings (or for the ride home, we’re not judging). T2’s known to do knock-out collabs with Melbourne bakery, Little Bertha. Who doesn’t love tea and biscuits?


T2 have also brought out six limited edition flavours including one that taste like NUTELLA. So go sample some Poppin Praline, Tutti Frutti, Shimmer & Spices, Christmas Breakfast and Honey Butter Hoopla.


Pop into T2 and start ticking off some of your Christmas shopping list OR even better, save time and shop online here.

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