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Find Out Which SA Craft Brewers Made The Hottest 100 In Australia

A different kind of hottest 100… A beer kind!

There is a new kind of hottest 100, and it involves beer. We like that. It is a well known fact that, generally speaking, a whole bunch of Aussies celebrate their Australia Day by tuning into triple J’s Hottest 100. But now, there is a new countdown that you should mist definitely have on your radar, and it is also counted down on Aus Day! We are talking about the Hottest 100 Craft Beers of 2015!

Now granted, if you hadn’t heard about this amazingness and therefore hadn’t tuned in on Australia Day, then you would have missed the epic list. But that is where we come in…

If you didn’t already know, then let us start by making it very clear; Adelaide has some of the coolest (and tastiest) craft beer in the country, and dare we say, the world! So, it was pretty easy to understand why 12 of our yeast and hop loving friends made it into the Hottest 100.

The biggest story to come out of this year’s countdown was the entry of Pirate Life Brewing into the list. But they didn’t make it just anywhere, oh no, these new kids on the block (they only released their first beer in March last year) had beers landing at number 3, 4 and 11 on the list. What an achievement! So basically that means you should go out and try their ‘IIPA’ Double American-style IPA (3), ‘Pale Ale’ American-style Pale Ale (4) and ‘Throwback’ Specialty IPA (11), because you will be tasting some of the best craft beer in Australia.

The other South Aussie stand out was Big Shed who had three of their beers appear on the list. Their ‘Golden Stout Time’ Sweet Stout came in at number 16, while their ‘Californicator’ American-style IPA showed up at number 55 and their ‘F-Yeah’ American-style Pale Ale came in at number 63.

But the South Australian brewers making an appearance on this list doesn’t stop there! We also had (in numerical order):

Coopers – ‘Pale Ale’ Australian-style Pale Ale (18)

Prancing Pony –  ‘India Red Ale’ American-style IPA (25)

Vale – ‘Vale Ale’ Australian-style Pale Ale (39)

Rabbit & Spaghetti (NEW) – ‘The Fox’ Vienna-style Lager (86)

Mismatch – ‘Session Ale’ Australian-style Pale Ale (87)

Coopers –  ‘Sparkling Ale’ Australian-style Pale Ale (97)

And for this wonderful list we can thank GABS. Who is GABS we hear you ask… Well GABS stands for the Great Australian Beer Spectacular and it is a yearly event held in locations around Australia. Although not yet in Adelaide (pleeeease come here), we couldn’t help but share this great beer news with you! Because now we have a list that we can start drinking our way through! Head here for the full list of winners and here for our guide to craft beer in Adelaide.

Happy ‘beering’!

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