Finding The Perfect Flowers For Your Winter Wedding

Find out how to make your wedding bouquets stand out in winter from the experts at Austin Bloom.

As the warm weather fades away and we bundle ourselves up on the couch in our blankets with Netflix and hot chocolate, it’s easy to forget the natural beauty of the winter months.
At Austin Bloom, winter time weddings are some of our favourites to create. We use our floral design to replicate the intimacy and cosiness of the cooler months  Here are our suggestions to fulfil those winter wonderland wedding dreams.

Warmer Whites

Add some warm coppery tones to your bridal bouquet with some textured magnolia. It softens the bright white of the winter flora. In winter, mainly bulbous flowers are in bloom so think stocks, hyacinth, andromeda and calla lilies.
Photo of Ebony and her bridesmaids courtesy of White Wall Photography.

Pops of moody colour

In order to heat up the place, Austin Bloom uses a mixture moody colours like burgundies and hot pinks in contrast with some soft nudes and tans to reflect the brooding winter weather. Roses bloom all year round, so go wild with some different shapes and textures.
For some more wedding flower inspiration, check out Austin Bloom at or on their Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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