April 2024

Finn Boutique dress hire unveils its first store in Adelaide’s east

A popular online dress rental shop, Finn Boutique, has recently debuted its first physical store location in Parkside.

A popular online dress rental shop, Finn Boutique, has recently debuted its first store location in Parkside, offering customers seeking the perfect dress for rent the opportunity to try-on before making a reservation.

“No matter where you are in Australia, people like to know that there is a physical store in place, it gives more comfort when you’re making an online purchase,” Finn Boutique Owner Jacqueline (Jac) Alanne says.

Finn Boutique has been making waves in SA’s fashion scene for the past four years, initially establishing itself as an online destination for renting Australian designer garments.

Founded on principles of sustainability and quality, the boutique avoids fast-fashion brands when purchasing garments. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday celebration, or a glamorous gala, Finn Boutique promises to have the perfect dress for every occasion.

“We try and hit that sweet spot when you just want something nice to wear for something you have on, and you just hate all your clothes,” Jac says.

Owner Jacqueline (Jac) Alanne purchased the store in late 2019 when it was known as Frock You Hire. She then reimagined and rebranded it as Finn Boutique, officially debuting in March 2020.

Despite facing the challenges posed by COVID during its initial years, the boutique managed to thrive, operating from the front room of Jac’s home. In October 2023, the premises where the store now stands came up for lease in Parkside, and Jac saw an opportunity to open her first proper store.

Owner Jacqueline Alanne in the new Parkside store.

Finn Boutique is passionate about offering an inclusive and diverse range of sizes, catering not only to standard sizes, but also to those often overlooked by mainstream fashion.

By emphasising size 16 garments, Finn Boutique challenges industry norms and ensures that every customer, regardless of their body shape or size, can find a dress that makes them feel confident and beautiful.

“I feel like size 16 is really unrepresented in the hire market. A lot of the hiring competition, if you want to call them that, they stock a bit small sizing,” Jac says.

“I just want everyone to have the chance to wear something, particularly when they’re still making less of the larger sizes… and if a hire boutique can get their hands on it, more people get to wear it.”

The transition from a home-based operation to a store marks a significant milestone for Finn Boutique. The new store not only offers a space for customers to try on their dream dresses, but also serves as a hub for fostering community and connection.

If you’re in desperate need of something to wear for an upcoming event, look no further than 265 Fullarton Road, Parkside!

What: Finn Boutique dress hire
Where: 265 Fullarton Road, Parkside, SA 
When: Monday, Friday & Saturday: by appointment only | Tuesday & Wednesday: 11am-3pm | Thursday: 2pm-6pm | Sunday: CLOSED
For more information, click here.
Instagram: @finnboutique_

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