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Fire up for month-long Chilli Fest

The month-long chilli festival features 13 chilli infused dishes at Madame Hanoi in Adelaide’s CBD.

Photo credits: Meaghan Coles

Madame Hanoi’s Chilli Fest, a fiery month-long feast dedicated to the not-so-humble spicy pepper, has kicked off.

For the coveted festival, the dinner menu features 13 chilli infused dishes ranging in heat, along with four house-made chilli sauces featuring locally grown South Australian chillies.

There are also two bottled chilli sauces available for purchase, featuring Chef Raj’s ‘Smoky Dragon’ (1/5 on the heat scale) and not for the faint hearted, the ‘Dark Horse’ (an eye watering 5/5).

New to the Chilli Fest menu this year is duck with fermented chilli paste, chilli beer tofu and Saigon chilli lollipops. There’s also the return of previous favourites including SA king prawns, charcoal crusted lamb rack and barramundi beetroot bao. 

Just food? Think again – there are three Chilli Fest cocktails on offer, including the Cucumber Cooler to help ease the burn (cucumber, gin, lime and aloe vera). 

For the hardcore pepper aficionado, every Wednesday night there will be a Chilli Challenge Banquet on offer featuring six dishes – including some of the spiciest chillies available such as the infamous Carolina Reaper!

The Chilli Festival 2021 menu has been curated by Madame Hanoi head chef Raj Kumar who joined SkyCity Adelaide in 2017. 

Prior to joining SkyCity, Chef Raj sharpened his expertise and passion in the kitchen in Fiji, New Zealand and throughout Australia across a number of different cuisines, and he has now discovered his exciting niche, bringing French influence through Vietnamese cuisine at Madame Hanoi.

Chef Raj’s personal favourite on the 2021 Chilli Fest menu is the SA King Prawns in a jar, where the prawns are marinated with Red Habanero and grilled. The prawns are then placed in a jar with fresh herbs and cucumber and the jar is shaken at the table and served.

SkyCity Adelaide’s Madame Hanoi is a multiple award-winning French-Vietnamese bar and bistro.

Madame Hanoi’s Chilli Fest 2021

Dates: Tuesday 6th of April – Friday 6th of May

Where: Madame Hanoi

Located: SkyCity Adelaide, North Terrace, Adelaide


Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday: 5pm – 10pm

Friday / Saturday: 5pm – 12am

Sunday / Monday: Closed

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