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First-ever all-inclusive & accessible membership-based gym opens in SA

Australian first, co-able Fitness is an inclusive and all-accessible membership-based wellness gym designed for everybody with ANY BODY.

co-able Fitness, a groundbreaking health, wellness and fitness hub located in the heart of Port Adelaide, has proudly opened its doors, welcoming a new era in inclusive and accessible fitness to South Australians. 

Founded by Shane Hryhorec, the visionary founder of Push Mobility, co-able and CONFESSION, co-able Fitness is a pioneering space designed to cater to all individuals—regardless of their abilities and is the first-ever membership-based, all-inclusive and accessible gym in Australia.

‘Sure, there are gyms out there where people with disability can go and participate in specialised services with an exercise physiologist, for example, but there hasn’t been a place where people with disability can work out individually in a traditional gym environment’, says Shane.

Following a life-altering accident back in 2007 that left Shane without mobility from the waist down, Shane became frustrated with the lack of inclusive fitness spaces available, with many traditional gyms often lacking the warmth, support and accessibility required for people with varying abilities. 

Driven by a personal need and a vision for inclusivity, Shane’s mission was to create a space where individuals of all backgrounds and capabilities could pursue their wellness goals without barriers—a haven transcending limitations and fostering a sense of belonging for everyone. 

‘co-able Fitness was born out of the necessity to create a space where everyone feels welcomed, supported, and empowered in their pursuit of wellness’, says Shane, founder of co-able Fitness. ‘A lot of therapy gyms are very clinical-based, very sterile and quite depressing, which is why I wanted to create co-able fitness. Our goal is to break down barriers and nurture a community that embraces every individual’s unique journey.’

Located within the historic charm of an 1870s church, co-able Fitness embodies warmth and character, with every attention to detail considered to create an atmosphere of both tranquillity and vitality.

The gym offers various fitness areas, including weight training, cardio, boxing, and dedicated open spaces for group yoga classes, pilates, dance and meditation—accommodating a range of workout needs and preferences. 

Dedicated to accessibility and seamless adaptability for people of all abilities, the gym features easily adjustable equipment and a range of premium amenities. These include all-accessible bathroom facilities, luxurious personal care products, wellness stations with nourishing refreshments, and a welcoming seating area for relaxation and connection. 

co-able Fitness Member Candice, who is visually impaired, said she instantly felt welcomed walking in.

‘Going to the gym can be quite stressful for me, so having the lighting and the space designed the way it has been is really great for me to navigate.’

Wheelchair user Brodie said the gym had been designed with inclusion in mind, ensuring everything from the gym equipment to the bathrooms had been designed to suit all abilities.

‘A gym that doesn’t look like a hospital clinic makes for a community that is all-inclusive’, he said.

With expert trainers, massage therapists and health psychologists, co-able Fitness will soon introduce additional positive health practitioners like nutritionists and occupational therapists, ensuring members have unlimited access to an array of health and wellness professionals all under one roof. 

co-able Fitness also proudly supports NDIS participants, enabling members to utilise their funds and allowing them to embrace their wellness journey without constraints.

‘At co-able Fitness, we celebrate diversity and acceptance and have created an environment where every body type, shape, and fitness level is welcomed and supported—whether you have a disability or are completely able-bodied’, says Shane. 

‘For us, inclusivity isn’t just a fad word we throw around—it’s our brand ethos, something we live and breathe, and we’re proud that our space is free of ego, free of judgement and truly values acceptance of self and others.’

As an intimate gym with a profound emphasis on holistic well-being, co-able Fitness seeks members who resonate with its values of respect, acceptance, and a commitment to a safe and inclusive wellness experience. Prospective members are encouraged to register their interest (see the link below), initiating a conversation to align fitness goals and ensure a supportive community fit.

Whilst co-able and co-able Fitness is a pilot concept, Shane has plans to roll this out across Australia.

‘It’s always been my dream to have a space for people with disability and able-bodied to be able to work out together—because really, that’s what inclusion is all about’, says Shane.

Join co-able Fitness in redefining fitness as an inclusive, empowering, and nurturing journey for every body, with ANY BODY.

What: co-able Fitness.
Where: 60 Marryatt Street, Port Adelaide, SA 5015
For further info and to register your interest, click here.

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