FIRST LOOK: Adelaide’s biggest entertainment arcade officially opens in CBD

Adelaide’s biggest entertainment arcade with officially opens in CBD with Hijinx Hotel, Strike Bowling, and Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq.

Adelaidians, you’re about to step foot into an entertainment precinct like this city’s never seen before, as Funlab opens its doors this Thursday the 30th of November to Hijinx Hotel, Strike Bowling, and Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq for the very first time.

The venue is the largest of its kind in Adelaide, brought to life from the minds behind the popular Holey Moley Adelaide, and sits in the heart of Adelaide in the Rundle Place centre.

“Since we launched our first Adelaide Funlab venue, Holey Moley, in 2017, we have been looking for the next opportunity to expand our brand’s offerings in the city. And Rundle Place is the perfect space for us to bring our Funlab brands to life. We are bringing back the nostalgia and whimsical fun and awe of Dazzeland updated for next gen fun seekers of all ages,” Funlab CEO Michael Schreiber says.

This dynamic precinct offers endless hours of competitive socialising fun, all under one roof. With ten quick-play game rooms at Hijinx Hotel, eight bowling lanes at Strike, and a mesmerising array of arcades, dodgems, and virtual reality experiences at Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, there’s something to thrill every visitor.

“Aussies are looking for fun that goes beyond the typical bar, pub, or restaurant, and that’s what we offer at our Funlab venues. Extraordinary worlds of fun in a theatrical and immersive environment, that combine competitive socialising, with delicious food and beverage offerings. We’re enabling people to let loose and bring back the joy they had as a kid in the playground,” Mr Schreiber said.

The 450-person venue boasts function rooms, gourmet food and beverage options, and two bars – one themed for Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq and the other for Hijinx Hotel. 

The two bars are expertly themed, and the food and drink is designed to match. Every cocktail is Instagram-worthy, with a ‘Pop Till You Drop’ popcorn style cocktail, a Ready To Crumble cookie style concoction, Mystic Peach option housed in the cutest unicorn ceramic cup, and a Rub A Dub Tub Red Bull cocktail which is served in a tub with toy rubber ducks.

The food is the next drawcard, with cheese burgers and chicken Schnitzel burgers served up on podiums and fries coming out in shopping trolleys.

Each of the Funlab venues are seperate, but feel intrinsically combined. As you walk into Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq you’re hit with colour and lights from every direction, as it holds traditional arcade games, dodgem cars, virtual reality, and fabulous prizes. With games like Connect 4 hoops, Mario Kart, and the new Bop It Arcade, there’s no shortage of thrilling experiences.

In the middle is Strike Bowling which has three function rooms, including karaoke. With dimmed lights, a booming sound system, and lane service, guests can enjoy mouthwatering food and beverages while bowling. Augmented technology projects animated targets onto the lanes, adding an interactive twist to the game.

On the other side of Funlab sits Hijinx Hotel which looks exactly like your typical accommodation; except it’s a whimsical world where you play, not stay.

As guests enter, they’ll be greeted by an Instagram-worthy spectacle that’s part quirky New York hotel, part Willy Wonka’s factory, and all fun. Visitors will be the first in South Australia to experience the quick-play immersive rooms that blend theatre, wonder, and challenges within what appears to be ten hotel rooms.

Each room is nostalgic, uniquely designed for groups of two to six players to work together on challenges within a four-minute window, aiming to score points on a leaderboard.

Adelaidian visitors will encounter favourites like Adore-a-ball Pool, Scrambled, Poke the Dots, and Candy Ball Pool, along with an exclusive room for Adelaide: Who Said That? It looks like an old-fashioned study with images lining the wall, a fireplace and a bookshelf lining the walls.

All of the venues cater to both families and adults and will no doubt be THE epicentre of all things fun in Adelaide’s CBD.


  • Hijinx Hotel
    • 1 corridor (5 game rooms)
      • $25 – $27 per Adult
      • $20 per U18
    • Christmas Events
      • From $55pp 
  • Strike
    • Bowling (one game of bowling)
      • $18-$20 per Adult
      • $12 per U18
    • Karaoke (1 hour)
      • $80 – $100 
    • Christmas Events
      • From $55pp
  • Archie Brothers
    • Arcade Games
      • From $30 per person
    • Christmas Events
      • From $55pp

For more information about Funlab venues such as Hijinx Hotel, head here.

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