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New CBD jungle, Grizzly Greenhouse, opens this weekend with pizza & booze

Grizzly Greenhouse is set to open in Adelaide’s CBD this week with plants, coffee, furniture for sale, and their own beer brand, Grizzly.

Grab a coffee, coffee table, or alcoholic beverage with your succulent: This new greenhouse is planting its roots on Waymouth Street, and it’s selling a lot more than just plants. 

Grizzly Greenhouse, which is set to open in the CBD this Friday at 4:00pm, will fulfill its nursery duties––selling plant walls and individual indoor and outdoor plants. But the plant-laden space will also have a small café and furniture for sale upon opening, with a bar serving its own beer brand shortly thereafter. 

Customers can choose a quick bite or drink from a variety of coffees and pastries; buy tables, chairs, and colourful padded stools made by Grizzly Greenhouse; curate vertical plant walls to adorn their homes; and, grab a Mile End-brewed Grizzly beer, a cocktail, or different craft beer from the venue’s bar. 

With homewares, snacks, and beverages sorted, Grizzly Greenhouse is tackling many spaces. Owner Tom Prokotec attributes his multi-faceted approach to his genetics.

“I come from a creative family – blacksmiths, artists, my dad was a furniture maker pretty much, so it’s kind of in my blood,” he says. 

Prokotec is a landscaper and landscape designer. He first started making vertical green walls two years ago through side project Grizzly Green Walls, and he has since worked to create plant spaces with hotels, bars, and cafés, such as Yolk. Each wall is made with recycled felt panels, and upon purchase, customers can choose plants to fill them.

The owner seized the opportunity to create a standalone space in the city because, as he puts it: “What’s better than plants and coffee?” (The only thing we can think of to make that combo better is beer, and Prokotec has already thought of that! Grizzly brewing now.)

He is excited to open the space and share it with customers.

“It’s a big, comfy place for people to come and share in the passion for plants and coffee, pretty much,” Prokotec says.

“It’s a place where I can showcase my indoor gardens as well as sell them to other people.”

Follow them online here.

Find the Grizzly Greenhouse at 119 Waymouth Street, Adelaide.

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