FIRST LOOK! Dillons Bookshop Reopens After Extensive Renovations

The former cd/dvd section has been taken over by a new tenancy, the children’s section has doubled in size.


Dillons Bookshop in Norwood has reopened its doors after a short hiatus where the former cd/dvd section has been taken over by a new tenancy – increasing the children’s section of books.

Dillons Bookshop is South Australia’s largest independent family owned bookshop, having been around for over 20 years, Dillons is continuing its expansion by doubling their children’s section.

Taking inspiration from the ‘English bookshop’ look, the exterior now has a fresh rich navy blue colour scheme with white accents to bring out the details in the heritage facade of the building.

The new branding has been modernised by Prana Studios designer, Hellen, yet still keeping the Dillons identity intact.

The interior which features a colourful tree was designed by Georgie Shepherd Interior Design incorporates themes of wonder, dreams, growth, fairy tales and learning.

The tree is a work of art constructed from ply and eco panel, an architectural tree which took multiple models to perfect.

With the tree as the primary centrepiece, green moss carpets and dark green leaves spread out onto the ground. Grey felt clouds on the ceiling and playful rainbows above all the children’s bookshelves create a magical atmosphere.

GSID set out to create a space that is playful and imaginative but also taking into consideration the existing fixtures and layout.

Soon to come are ‘pebble’ floor cushions for children to sit and read under the tree whilst their parents shop.

Dillons Bookshop is now open and can be found at 160/166 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067.

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