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FIRST LOOK! East End Flower Market Is Moving, Expanding, And Opening A Cafe

Their move will unite the East End Flower Market teams again in a significantly larger location, outfitted with a slick new coffeeshop.


Formerly located in both a Grenfell Street store and a Parkside studio, East End Flower Market‘s co-owner and director, Justine Ellbourn describes their move to Halifax Street as a coming together of sorts.

Their move will unite the teams again in a significantly larger location and in what Justine describes as a slick new space. No longer jam-packed or cluttered with stock, and about three times as big.

“The new location is East End Flower Market on steroids,” Justine laughs.

“It’s pretty spacey with lots of vacant areas so you can step back and appreciate what’s there.”

Indeed the new space is slick. A large mural by East End Flower Market’s resident graphic artist/florist, Imogen, grabs your attention, as does their new working bench.

The mural is bright, pink and grabs your attention as it comes into view. To the right is a plethora of flowers and house plants, to your left a slick new coffee station and a bench to sit on.

In front of it, a huge new bench sits with ‘East End Flower Market’ in neon glowing above it. It’s all smooth concrete and glimmering, deep green tiles.

The newest feature of East End Flower Market’s new space is undoubtedly the coffeeshop. The DAYJOB Coffee cart is going brick and mortar finally.

DAYJOB’s owners, Antonio and Jess are friends of East End owners, Justine and Josh, so the fit has been described as another seamless coming together. For the coffee cart, graduating from small events, winery shindigs and parties to their own station feels natural.

And it’s not just great coffee they’re slinging, on the menu are a range of sandwiches, cakes, croissants, and other delightful treats that they’ve concocted on the day.

DAYJOB, the store and studio coming together is replicated in the ways that friends of the team who count as electricians, designers and architects, have put together their efforts into making East End Flower Market’s launch a seamless experience.

Indeed, the Grenfell St store will close on Sunday at 4pm and the Halifax St location will open at 7am sharp on Monday. On the consumer’s side of things, the move hasn’t disturbed processes and deliveries have been pumping out as per the norm.

Deliveries which count in the 50-70s on a normal day, are flooding out of their new studio, where they are sent off in two rounds.

In the front of the store, despite things still slowly being brought into view, passerby shyly walk in and smell the flowers and met by the smiling staff.

The ability to walk around and peruse, and that whole general experience is important to Justine which is why the new layout benefits them.

“We have our own florists and couriers. That way it’s a really good quality with the delivers. They’re done quickly and done they way we want them to be,” she says.

On the cards is a flower wall, which will be a fantastic photo opportunity. As well as a daily flower stand.

New to the store is their accessory range. Floristry scissors, new vases, quirky cups, just a load of gift ideas. An extra touch is that their wrapping paper, gift cards all use the same pattern as the mural.

You’ll find Justine, Josh, Antonio, Jess and a heap of their lovely staff on Monday, super high on coffee and keen to open the doors of their new location.

East End Flower Market, as of Monday 14 October can be found at 83 Halifax Street, Adelaide.

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