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FIRST LOOK: Hades Hula House moves its tiki bar to the CBD

Hades Hula House is finally ready to welcome back patrons and will be doing so with a good, old-fashioned luau.

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A few months ago, the residents of Semaphore mourned the loss of a cherished structure on the main strip. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom with the popular Tiki Bar, Hades Hula House, not closing completely, just moving on to bigger pastures.

Officially closing its iconic, wooden Semaphore doors in May after 19 years of trade, owner Abby Roennfeldt had little time to reflect with the bar’s new CBD location sitting idle waiting to be transformed.

“When I created Hades four years ago, I had a big vision in mind but I couldn’t find the right location,” explains owner Abby Roennfeldt.

“I always wanted to have a big venue but I was also new to the bar scene and didn’t quite know what I was doing or how to go about it.”

Known for its trivia nights ad drag parties, Hades Hula House will be taking over the old Candy Bar beneath the cinema on Hindley Street with the new venue giving you all the parts of Hades you know and love just more of it.

“There’ll be more live music, more trivia, and more fun,” says Abby. “We’re also in talks with the council to be able to hold our monthly markets.

“And we’re still focusing on inclusivity at our core. We always have been and always will be an all-inclusive venue where there really is something for everyone.”

In fact, being completely accessible to everyone was one of the main reasons for choosing this particular site.

“I specifically chose a single-story venue and we’re having ramps installed,” explains Abby. “There’ll be disability toilets and we’ll be keeping the unisex bathrooms like our Semaphore shop.”

With a dream to turn Hades Hula House into a bigger project from the beginning, Abby was always keeping a loose eye on potential spots popping up.

“It wasn’t until Covid hit and things got challenging for the business that I decided to take the plunge and go for the whole vision I’d been dreaming of,” she said.

“I looked at six venues in total but the site we’ve picked was the very first one and I knew instantly that it was the right fit. As soon as I walked in I could just picture where everything would go and the full vision.”

Hades has made quite an impact on the local community in Semaphore since it opened and holds a soft spot in Abby’s heart.

The current Hades site has been in her family for 19 years where it previously sat as one of the many cafes on Semaphore Road before Abby transformed it into the tiki bar we now know and love.

“It’s bittersweet leaving Semaphore,” she says.

“The community have been incredible over the years and none of this would ever have been possible without them. I can’t thank them enough for their support.

“I was a bit nervous announcing the move at first because I didn’t know how our loyal customers would take it but we’ve had nothing but amazing support from everyone and I’m so excited to be able to grow the Hades community and bring it to a more accessible CBD location.”

Hades Hula House is finally ready to welcome back patrons and will be doing so with a good, old-fashioned luau.

Old Hade’s faithful’s and fresh faces are invited to join Abby and her team to celebrate the new era for what has become somewhat of an institution in Adelaide’s bar scene. The two-hour event will begin with a Welcome to Country by Isaac Hannam before launching into a party that only Hade’s can throw.

The ticketed grand opening event has completely sold out, but Hades Hula House will be open to the general public from 11 pm Friday, August 11.

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Hades Hula House is located at 128 Hindley Street, Adelaide 5000

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