FIRST LOOK: Holey Moley Golf Club

It takes a lot of balls to golf like we do but we’ve got your first look inside Adelaide’s putt putt x bar.


Ever since we first announced that Holey Moley Golf Club was headed for Adelaide, there has been a lot of talk about what the hell a putt putt/bar even is and finally, the day has come. We can show you.

The putt putt cross bar will be open from noon ’til late, though if you want to bring the kidlets they’ll have to leave before 5pm. No ifs and putts.

While the Holey Moley website says they take walk ins, you seriously don’t want to even take the risk. They haven’t even officially opened yet and session are booking out. So word of advice, secure your spot ahead of time… like right-now-kinda-time via the interweb right here.

There’s a whopping 18 themed holes over two courses. You can play the standard 9 holes or make a night of it and play all 18. You don’t have to leave once you’re done golfing. There will be a DJ spinning some tunes (just like your basic bar, you can grab a post-golf themed cocktail (think Teeyoncé Holes) at the bar or sit down for a bite to eat.

If you want a personal virtual tour narrated by none other than Glam Adelaide’s head honcho, Kelly Noble, check this out:

And get around some of our snaps…

Photography by Tania Dalton.


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