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FIRST LOOK: Home of Plenty cellar door brings Mediterranean-Palm Springs vibes to the Fleurieu

A new cellar door in Currency Creek has opened its doors called Home of Plenty, offering easy-drinking vinos, med-leaning dishes and groovy vibes.

Have you heard of Home of Plenty yet? The hidden gem which opened in Currency Creek late last year is here to show you a good time – unveiling a truely unique sense of what a cellar door can be when you think outside the box.

“The cellar door is down the back of the property, and the idea came after we launched the brand in 2022 and had some nice success selling in retail liqour on the east coast. We asked the question ‘if not now, when?’ so i left Sydney, detoured through Italy for a vintage in Umbria and came back to help complete the final fit out and design,” brainchild and owner of Home of Plenty, Ben, says.

The unconventional cellar door is a fun mix of psychedelic colours, traditional food and drink, and fun events loaded throughout the year.

“I really hope the Cellar Door continues becoming a mixture of the things I really love – art, music, wine, surf culture, food, and people,” Ben tells Glam Adelaide.

“We have a studio space in the back where we paint, there’s a temporary surfboard shaping bay out the back…more music events are in the calendar, some art exhibitions and most importantly we want to make sure people have a great experience when they come in and try some of our wines and food.”

The multifaceted space, situated on his family’s property, blends elements of Mediterranean and Palm Springs aesthetics. The vision was to revitalise the 150-year-old shearing shed on the property, transforming it into a haven where ‘good times are guaranteed’.

“We had the old building already, which is stone from about 150 years ago, and I didn’t want to do a rustic farmhouse finish, which could have been a pretty easy option,” explains Ben. Instead, he drew inspiration from diverse cultures, incorporating vibrant colours and custom-made furnishings to infuse the space with character and charm.

“We chose a style that still honoured the stone and existing rooflines but had a unique feel to it. There’s elements pulled from a lot of places for sure – Palm Springs, The Mediterranean, North-Western Africa too,” he says.

“The yellow colour of the brand also comes from our house at the front which is painted a yellow colour, and i think it also gives great energy, its bright and fun.”

The cellar door experience at Home of Plenty offers guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and camaraderie.

“We play fun music, we want you to bring all your friends and party – it’s what we love to do when we’re drinking wine,” Ben says, highlighting the inclusive and lively atmosphere that defines the venue.

At the heart of the venue lies a deep-rooted connection to family heritage and traditions. “Home of Plenty conjours up how my family dining memories are. Loaded tables, chattering voices, and great drinks,” Ben reminisces.

With a menu co-designed by Ben and his mother, guests are invited to savour Med-leaning dishes crafted with love and care, just like the Home of Plenty wine label itself.

Currently, there’s a sparking pinot noir-chardonnay, a spicy sangiovese, a pinot gris, and a classic shiraz. 

“[Our wine] is not serious, non-judgmental, and has good energy,” Ben says. From vibrant labels to innovative tasting experiences, the cellar door offers $10 tastings so you can grab a bottle, sprawl out in the sun with some snacks, and really see what Home of Plenty is all about.  

“We’re still pretty new, and for sure finding our feet still, so we really want to focus on that,” Ben shares.

Home of Plenty
Where: 261 Myrtlegrove Road, Currency Creek
Open: Thursday – Sunday 11 til 5 Ish. (walk ins only)
Instagram: @homeofplenty

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