FIRST LOOK: New Adelaide rooftop bar and restaurant Sora aims to be city’s best

Sora is Adelaide’s newest rooftop bar and restaurant venue, with multi-level entertainment including a dance floor, booths and private VIP spaces.

Images: Ben Macmahon

Adelaide is about to get a new addition to its skyline with the grand opening of Sora – a venue said to be setting a new standard in premium rooftop dining and entertainment on Pirie Street.

Last night Glam Adelaide headed to the VIP launch of the new venue which officially opens to the public next month, and it’s clear it’s setting the bar high for new entertainment venues around the state.

Derived from the Japanese word for “sky,” Sora is poised to become a haven for discerning palates with its seamless blend of approachable food by a renowned chef, entertainment, and breathtaking panoramic views.

Sora owners and creators Tarik Nasser-Eddine and Giuseppe Alvaro wanted to create a world-class destination that offered food, drinks and entertainment all in one location.

Breaking away from conventional definitions of a restaurant or a bar, they wanted to offer a unique multi-level experience where patrons can seamlessly transition between dining and entertainment without leaving the venue.

With a capacity to accommodate up to 400 patrons, Sora caters to a spectrum of preferences, offering an innovative fusion of Asian and Western influences in its restaurant, expertly crafted cocktails in its chic bar, and a dynamic dance floor setting the stage for vibrant evenings.

At the heart of Sora’s culinary realm is the main kitchen, overseen by renowned Executive Chef Adam Liston.

The menu, curated by renowned Executive Chef Adam Liston will be influenced by the rich tapestry of Japan, Korea, and China, yet seamlessly woven into a minimalist Western approach. Having run and operated renowned restaurants such as Northern Light (Melbourne) and T8 (Shanghai) and regularly collaborating with celebrated restaurants across Bali, Sumatra, China and Japan, Liston brings a truly global flair to his carefully crafted menu.

Sora’s menu invites patrons to explore individual and shared dishes, showcasing seasonal local, interstate, and artisan international produce.

The focus remains on ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients prepared and executed in a contemporary manner, emphasising clean, crisp, and punchy flavours that harmonise with the restaurant’s elegant decor.

Architecturally elegant and thoughtfully designed, Sora’s culinary and drink offerings cater to a variety of experiences, from quick snacks to leisurely business lunches or immersive dining.

Beyond dining, the multi-level complex features a dance floor, exclusive bar areas, booths, and private VIP spaces accessible only to top-tier members, ensuring a diverse range of experiences for every visitor.

Sora is set to officially open its doors on January 17th, ushering in a new era of upscale dining and entertainment in Adelaide.

Opening: January 2024
Where: 89 Pirie St, Adelaide SA 5000
More info: Click here
Instagram: @soraonpirie

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