FIRST LOOK: New boutique bar the Pick and Shovel opens in Kingscote

Brand new boutique bar, The Pick and Shovel opens its doors in Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, serving the best beer, wine and spirits from all over the world.

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Brand new boutique bar, the Pick and Shovel, has opened its doors in Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, offering the finest wines, refreshing beers, delectable cocktails and great whiskeys from all over the world.

With their grand opening over the Easter long weekend, the Pick and Shovel is a must-visit for anyone heading down to Kangaroo Island for these upcoming April holidays who appreciates the finer things in life. 

Started by Mike Holden, founder of the Kangaroo Island Brewery, and his partner Erin, the venue highlights some of South Australia’s best drinks. Sourcing from local Kangaroo Island businesses such as Spring Road Wines, Islander Estate, Bay of Shoals and of course Kangaroo Island Brewery.

“For us, myself and my partner Erin, it is something we have always wanted to see in Kingscote, as well as something we think can showcase what the island does. Overall, just a great place to come and hang out that is a bit different,” Mike said.

“We like heading to Adelaide ourselves, going to places like Peel Street and Leigh Street, the Howling Owl, and wanted to see that over here, just with a Kangaroo Island touch.

“Customers should expect to have the same world-class entertainment, relaxation, and quality of produce.”

Situated in a former shearer’s quarters, used for the old Elders Farm supply, the beautiful old building is a stunning blend of the old and new world.

“It’s got that beautiful warm lighting, a sea view in the arvo that reminds you that you are on KI,” Mike said.

“t’s very basic, but in its basicness, it’s just gorgeous. We just wanted to treat it with a level of respect and do it some justice.

“Expect the best hospitality when it comes to our staff looking after people. We have a fantastic family around us now and they do an amazing job, you will find a connection with someone on the other side of the bar.”

Let the Pick and Shovel guide you on a world tour for your taste buds. Not only does the venue offer local and other Australian offerings, but some of the best from international establishments. Enjoy the best from New Zealand, Germany, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Ireland, USA, Scotland, USA and Mexico.

The venue also offers classic cocktails made with the finest spirits. Sip on a classic Manhattan, Negroni, Cosmopolitan and Daiquiri just to name a few.

“The menu is so big that I have only begun to get through it myself! My partner Erin is the wine connoisseur out of the two of us; her selections have blown me away. I probably know more about the beer and the whiskey,” Mike said.

“What it truly reflects, in the wine bar there we have beers, wines and spirits from Kangaroo Island, and we have them next to the same products from all around the world – they sit there quite comfortably, with the same quality,” says Mike.

The Pick and Shovel has been a hit with locals. Kingscote local Tony Jones took to Facebook, “Amazing wines, excellent spirits, beers and cocktails. Great to see things are happening in Kingscote.”

With such a large menu, I thought it was only right to ask the owner Mike for his personal recommendation.

“For myself, some of the Tasmanian whisky that we have got in there is an absolute treat,” says Mike

“I had to discipline myself because we had the order in before we opened. It was sitting in the corner when I was knocking off after doing a bit of building I thought “Jeez, that would be alright,” but I said, “nah, nah I’m gonna save that for when I open the joint.” As soon as we opened I did have myself a Hellyers Road Whisky which was phenomenal.”

“This has not been made for us to clean up and make a heap of coin (of course we want it to be sustainable) but it’s more about generating a progression for others to do the same, and see it can be done,” he said.

What: The Pick and Shovel
11A Commercial St Kingscote, SA 5223
4:00 pm Open Daily, 11:00 pm Close Monday – Thursday, Midnight Close Friday – Sunday
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