FIRST LOOK: New CBD Work Cafe serves up blend of cool vibes and one-of-a-kind coffee

New Adelaide CBD cafe, WORK – coffee and food, is injecting fresh energy into city with sandos, coffee and good vibes.

In the middle of the bustling CBD on Pirie Street sits a new local cafe making coffee a priority at the start of every work day. WORK – coffee and food, has just opened and is here to inject fresh energy into the city’s cafe scene.

“We’re looking to find a balance between servicing the CBD worker and becoming a destination place for good coffee and good atmosphere. The idea behind it is – ‘meeting for a coffee or coffee for a meeting’,” founder Matthew Raymond tells Glam Adelaide.

The new space feels sleek and simplistic, designed with high ceilings, block colours and clean lines. The branding feels oddly like it’s a nostalgic nod to “Kid Pix”, but brought into the 21st century. With a focus on aesthetics, Matthew has ensured that every aspect of the venue, from its visual identity to its menu offerings, embodies a sense of creativity.

It’s no surprise that it feels ultra cool – Matthew is also the creative director of Banta, a design agency known for its branding work on popular venues like Carton Deli, Blk Mrkt Coffee, and Antic Pizza. It’s clear WORK – coffee and food isn’t your average hotspot.

“I’ve been in branding and design for a while, and I love it. You’d be silly in this day and age to think that your business’ branding doesn’t matter,” he says.

The name reflects a similar tone to the designs that fill the cafe, “It’s all in tongue and cheek,” he says. “I want people to grab a coffee at 6am and think, hey, maybe the work day isn’t so bad,” he laughs.

Drawing on his background and experience in hospitality, he’s confident that his diverse skill set will provide a unique insight into what customers truly desire from their daily coffee ritual.

“Coffee places have levelled up [over the last decade] and it’s clear the demand [from the public] has grown. If you do it right and aspire to be in the game for the reason of providing great service to the community, success will naturally follow,” he says.

WORK – coffee and food’s menu is a reflection of Matthew’s passion for great food, particularly with his ethnic background with his Dad being Lebanese and his mum Lithuanian.

“I come from a background of amazing food, in fact, a lot of what’s on the menu is my favourite foods but more refined versions of them,” Matthew says.

With offerings like the chopped deli sando (aka. cotoletta Focaccia), seasonal salads with poached chicken and tofu, and fresh pastries the cafe seeks to provide convenient yet elevated options for its customers.

In the mornings, their menu features dine-in avo toast with Danish feta and za’atar, and an Italian sausage and egg muffin, both served with their unique Work sauce, which has a chilli version made in-house.

Matthew’s dedication to quality is evident in every detail, even down to the sourcing of bread and pastries, which are all obtained daily from Prove Patisserie and are made from 100% sourdough.

As for coffee, Work Cafe offers a signature blend that they’ve carefully formulated and roast with Rio, making it exclusive to their establishment. Soon, they’ll be introducing online ordering for those who can’t get enough of their one-of-a-kind coffee.

When asked about the atmosphere he aims to create, Matthew explained, “I want people to feel a sense that they not only enjoyed the product, but also just enjoyed themselves.”

“If you have great staff making everyone feel great, customers will always want to return,” he says. “We’re really excited, we’re going to hit the ground running and we’re keen to see everyone.”

WORK – coffee and food
Where: 100 Pirie Street
Open: Monday through till’ Friday 6am – 3pm
More info: @work.adl

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