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FIRST LOOK: New charcoal-infused Italian Enoteca Lounge & Cucina opens on Rundle

A new restaurant Enoteca Lounge & Cucina has opened on Rundle Street from the family who owns popular Enzo’s Ristorante.

New restaurant Enoteca Lounge & Cucina has opened up on Rundle Street and it’s drawing inspiration from one of Adelaide’s best Italian restaurants.

The venue is co-owned by the daughter of Enzo Fazzari of Enzo’s Ristorante, Natalie Fazzari, with her fiancee Alessandro Ennor.

“Enzo’s restaurant has been a big part of my life because it is my Dad’s business and it has been an institution for traditional, hearty and fresh. We wanted to keep those values of fresh, hearty good food,” Natalie says.

“We would like to give something new for the new generation, but always remembering the flavour and our traditional roots.”

Natalie and Alessandro used their shared love of wine as inspiration for the venue, and the name ‘Enoteca’ itself translates to ‘wine cellar.’

“Natalie and I were thinking about trying a new venture for a while, drawing on the knowledge we have from family and Italian things,” Alessandro says.

The wine list includes European blends along with local South Australian drops and cool climate wines from places such as Victoria and Tasmania. A wine cellar takes pride of place in the centre of the restaurant, set atop timber flooring, which represents barrels of wine.

The venue fit-out has been completed by IDG Maintenance and architect Damien from Fireside Architecture and features earthy colours such as black, green and burgundy along with red and white marble which will represent fire for the charcoal.

Head Chef Luca Guiotto is leading the kitchen team, cooking up contemporary Italian cuisine with the use of charcoal the star of the dishes.

“We want to keep the traditional flavours there, but always try to present it in a contemporary way and using charcoal as much as we can,” Luca says.

As Natalie has been brought up surrounded by the values of fresh and hearty food, she wants to uphold this in her own restaurant and is excited by the use of charcoal throughout dishes.

“Charcoal in cooking is a technique that has been used for many years in many different cultures, in many different traditions. Charcoal can really bring a depth of flavour to anything you are cooking,” Natalie says.

“It is also a symbol of regeneration, healing and being reborn, so we want to use that motif not only flavour-wise, but also in what we are doing. Me coming from that family business, Alessandro being from Italy coming to Australia, wanting that new experience, create something new, it kind if works all together, that symbolic aspect of charcoal as well.”

When you walk through Enoteca Lounge & Cucina the venue transitions from a dining area into a bar, where people can enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine with a selection of food and bi-fold windows will open out to the bustling Ebenezer Place in summer.

“We want to connect as well with not just the nature but people walking by, our venue is really the about that community feel, so connecting with people walking by, making them feel welcome and opening that space up to them,” Natalie says.

Enoteca Lounge & Cucina
Where: 281-283 Rundle Street Adelaide, SA, Australia 5000
Open: Tuesday & Wednesday 4pm – 2am, Thursday to Saturday 11am – 2am, Sunday & Monday CLOSED
Book: click here

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