FIRST LOOK: Nightshade Bar brings 80’s Miami Vice vibes to Adelaide’s West End

New 80s bar Nightshade has opened in the previous 1000 Island space in Adelaide’s West End by the same team behind Cry Baby.

A new nostalgic style retro 80s bar called Nightshade has opened in Adelaide’s West End, and it happens to be the latest venture from the creative minds behind the beloved Cry Baby bar.

Situated between the ever-popular Cry Baby and Sunny’s Pizza (in the previous 1000 Island space), Nightshade Bar is inspired by the neon-soaked, synth-pop era of the 1980s.

With a seamless connection via a discreet doorway to its sister establishment, Nightshade is set to be just as popular as Cry Baby which is known for its good times, loud music, and 60s through to the 80s rock & roll tunes.

Co-owner Jon Di Pinto, who also spearheads Cry Baby among several other ventures like Shotgun Willie’s, Memphis Slims House of Blue’s, El Camino and Sugar, shared insights into Nightshade’s conception and what patrons can expect from this retro-inspired hotspot.

“This time we went for something that ties nicely into our theme next door. There’s a lot of neon, mirrors, chrome, leather – it’s a real 80s Miami-Vice vibe,” Jon said, setting the scene for the bar’s aesthetic.

The decision to embrace the 80s wasn’t arbitrary; it was a natural evolution for the team behind Cry Baby. “The fact Cry Baby was 70s and dabbles in the 80s, it makes sense to go for something that works with the two together.”

The familial connection between Jon and his business partner, Ash Wilson, played a pivotal role.

“Our partners are sisters and had the idea years ago and have been pressing us to do it,” Jon revealed, highlighting the long-standing vision that ultimately led to Nightshade’s inception.

One of Nightshade’s standout features is its commitment to providing an immersive experience, complete with 80s tunes spun by live DJs on Fridays and Saturdays.

“We have DJs playing 80s music playing Friday/Saturday. We’ll see what the mid-week looks like, and potentially put a few nights on (Sunday and Thursday maybe),” Jon shared.

The bar’s layout caters to both socialising and dancing, with cozy booth seating complemented by a late-night dance floor for a boogie.

But it’s not just about the music – Nightshade boasts a curated drinks menu that pays homage to iconic 80s cocktails.

“Think back to the 80s flicking through all those old cocktail books, things like Blue Curacao, Midori, all that stuff… we’re bringing it back.” From classic martinis with overgrown green olives to vibrant blue concoctions adorned with “shitty maraschino cherries,” the bar offers a playful twist on nostalgic favourites.

Naz of Zola Haus spearheaded the interior design, incorporating elements like chrome, mirrors, and vintage posters that evoke the spirit of the 80s. “A massive Nightshade neon sign sits behind the DJ decks, and while the layout is similar to 1000 Island, aesthetically it’s completely different,” Jon says.

With a discreet doorway connecting Nightshade to Cry Baby, patrons have the freedom to explore both venues seamlessly.

“The idea when it first came up was to cut a hole in the wall, essentially giving patrons the freedom to explore both spaces,” Jon says. Whether you’re in the mood for synth-pop vibes at Nightshade or craving Cry Baby, the connection between the two venues allows for a fluid nightlife experience. The idea will be to let overflow flow into Nightshade, or let those lining up potentially check out the new bar before flowing into Cry Baby when capacity allows.

Nightshade Bar
Where: 15 solomon street, adelaide
Open: 7 NIGHTS A WEEK / 6pm-2am
More info: @nightshade_bar

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