OPEN TODAY: Pastry haven Abbots and Kinney opens in $220m CBD tower

Adelaide’s beloved bakery sensation, Abbots and Kinney, is about to open another store. And this one is special.

Adelaide’s beloved bakery sensation, Abbots and Kinney, is about to open another store. And this one is special.

Located on the ground level of the stunning $220 million office tower set to open this week on King William Street, this new spot is about to get caffeinated.

The moment you step into the new Abbots and Kinney, you’ll be greeted with a sight to behold. The interior design boasts elegance and sophistication, featuring a stylish marble floor, semicircular booths adorned with luxurious leather trimmings, and vertical lights that artfully highlight the textured, wooden slatted walls.

The design’s central theme revolves around the integration of ridges, as seen in the exterior of the benchtop feature, providing a unique and inviting texture to the space.

The road to this remarkable location has been long, with the building’s construction spanning over five years. Abbots and Kinney’s involvement began a year ago when Company Director and Operations Manager, Richard Wilson, spotted the opportunity through a closed tender.

With the iconic heritage-listed entrance adding to the allure of the spot, Wilson knew this was a venture too good to pass up.

“It was a no brainer. It’s an amazing location, with the beautiful heritage-listed entrance. We’ve really tired to tie in with it.” he said.

Joining Abbots and Kinney in the bustling James Place and Kings Lane locale will be a variety of soon-to-be-announced eateries, creating a vibrant community marketplace. Patrons can expect to savor a diverse range of culinary delights, from Vietnamese and Thai to Italian cuisines, all adding to the area’s gastronomic appeal.

Abbots and Kinney have risen to become one of Adelaide’s most successful bakery chains, starting as a humble pop-up stall and blossoming into an ever-expanding franchise.

The addition of the CBD location marks their sixth store, with others already established on the campuses of UniSA and Adelaide University, as well as in Croydon’s Elizabeth Street and Malvern.

“We’ve got some great coffee, a huge range of sweet treats, and an expanded selection of savory offerings that we’re really excited about.” Richard said.

As the building opens its doors to the public in early August, tenants are moving in this week.

Abbots and Kinney is actively seeking new recruits, with job openings for baristas and management positions. Management roles come with attractive perks, including competitive base rates and a percentage of profits from the store they oversee.

The new Abbots and Kinney location promises to be a must-visit destination for coffee enthusiasts, food lovers, and anyone in search of an enchanting dining experience.

You can find Abbots and Kinney on 60 King William Street, Adelaide. They’ll be slinging coffee from Wednesday.

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