FIRST LOOK: Saudade custard tarts now open in CBD

Saudade first popped up at the Adelaide Central Markets in 2017. Coming full circle, the tarts shop has returned home & opened in the new Grote Street spot.

Photo credit: Rebecca Wilson

Adelaide’s favourite Portuguese custard tarts purveyor, Saudade, has finally opened its exciting new store at the Grote Street entrance of the Central Market.

The store opening is a wonderful coming-home story, as Owner Carla Alemao first began Saudade back in 2017 at the Adelaide Central Markets via the producer-to-residence program.

After running a hugely successful brick-and-mortar shop at the Mitcham Square Shopping Centre, it’s great to see Saudade coming full circle by opening its second store at the place where it all began.

“After a few setbacks, we have finally opened! Exciting times ahead,” said Carla. “It’s been pretty good so far!”

“We didn’t do an announcement because I wanted to make sure we could actually open! The soft opening has allowed us to make sure everything is in working order.”

Opening in the tenancy formerly occupied by Bakers Delight, the new store also signifies Adelaide’s preference for small, locally-owned businesses.

Saudade appropriately translates to “a feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia” – named because of Carla’s longing for her homeland’s sweet treat.

“This is a replica of our iconic Mitcham store – coming back to where we started. Hopefully people will still come to us for our tarts!”

The new location was due to open in December last year, but COVID-related delays and freight issues kept pushing back the date. Carla then hinted the store would open “sometime before Easter”, but further delayed ensued. But thankfully, we can all now enjoy these delicious Portuguese tarts from this Adelaide CBD location.

Find Saudade at the Grote Street entrance of the Adelaide Central Market (next door to Cumbia Bar & Kitchen).

For updates, follow Saudade on Facebook and Instagram.

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