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FIRST LOOK: Say g’day to Two-Pot Screamer, East End’s newest restaurant and bar

While construction is still underway, we were invited into Two-Pot Screamer – East End’s new 70s inspired bar and restaurant serving up Australian nostalgia.

All images: Lara Pacillo

Rundle Street’s newest two-level restaurant and bar, Two-Pot Screamer, is bringing more than just Australian slang to East End.

Opening to the public this Friday, the venue will be inventing a new Australian identity balancing nostalgia with contemporary design.

While construction is still underway, we were invited into Two-Pot Screamer to get a taste of what’s soon to join the clan of booming venues and bars of Rundle Street.

Being brought to you by emerging hospitality group Penny Hospitality, the new venue will be taking over the former site of award-winning Orana restaurant and, before that, Universal Wine Bar. It transforms the iconic location and pushes boundaries with a playful combination of bistro and fine dining.

Hugo Pedler, who leads Penny Hospitality, says the concept of the space had been boiling away in the back of his mind for the past five years.  As his career progressed with Penny Hospitality – which also runs Lions Arts Factory, Super Bueno and West Oak Hotel, among others – so did the opportunity for this vision to become a reality.

“I love the idea of coming out and opening something that we think represents Australia’s culinary identity and also Australia’s culture and the brutality of it as well,” Hugo said.

“We are trying to give an experience of authenticity – we will deliver that fine dining style of beautiful elegant well-presented food without the steep price.”

The experience you have at Two-Pot Screamer all starts from which entrance you take. Enter from ground level, and you will be transported back in time to a place of nostalgia with the 70s inspired ‘hero’ restaurant and fine dining experience. The restaurant represents Australian food and culture in a fun and laidback way while paying homage to 285 Rundle Street’s past venues and pulling 70s cues in its design.

The emerald walls envelope what will soon be one of Adelaide’s coolest places to dine. The elevated exposed concrete ceiling brings a rawness to the space, mirroring the authenticity that Two-Pot Screamer hopes to bring.

The stretched bar will serve up an all-Australian wine list along with champagne from France – it invites you to stop off at and have a drink before making your way to your table for a delicate feast.

Magill Estate Restaurant chef Georgina Fehring will be the head chef of Two-Pot Screamer cooking up bistro-style food with a fine dining element.

The menu will be perfect for sharing as it reinvents nostalgic Australian dishes in a unique way. Star dishes include the Chikko roll with barley, cabbage and curry; yabbies with whipped brow butter and pork snitty with pickles and gravy.

If you choose to enter at the top level through an outside staircase, you can expect quite a different experience.

Walking into the upstairs space will take you to an all-pink bar serving up fun summer party vibes with a balcony looking onto Rundle Street.

Taking you right back to the 70s yet in a different way to the restaurant, Two-Pot Screamer’s bar begs you to boogie and let their hair down.

What was once an office space for Universal Wine Bar, and then a dining space for Orana, Two-Pot Screamer has ripped the roof off and brought light into the fun location through the sawtooth roof windows.

The upstairs space will be serving up groovy tunes at the DJ deck along with local craft beers, wines, and unique cocktails inspired by the region.

“The cocktail menu will lead a lot on nostalgic Australian flavours and profiles from everyone’s childhood – from being 18 as first-time drinker all the way through to what our parents drink,” Hugo said.

“There will be something for everyone and we want people to have a fun time.

The newly built balcony offers expansive views of the vibrant strip that is Rundle Street. Constructed in just 8 weeks, the balcony comes just in time for balmy summer nights overlooking the festival season to come.

The two levels are each unique in their own, yet share similar attributes in paying homage to not only what was there before, but to authentic Australian culture.

Our favourite part? You are welcome to travel between the two levels and soak in the splendour of both.

Start off with a delicious Australian feed and head up the internal stairs to the bar, or have early drinks with your mates and head on downstairs for dinner. Take in the two worlds and, crickey, have a ripper time.

Two-Pot Screamer will open on December 3 at 285 Rundle Street, Adelaide.

It will be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4pm till late and Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 12pm till late.

You can make a booking on their website here and follow Two-Pot Screamer on Instagram.

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