FIRST LOOK: Suci Potted Plants Expands!


A boutique plant shop on Goodwood Road is about to hit their first birthday and in celebration, they have expanded and we’ve got your first look.

The Suci Potted Plants expansion directly reflects on the rising popularity of indoor plants in homes and offices. It’s no surprise that in a year’s time they’ve created a showroom.

Owner, Kirrily Hurst, says that plants are in her blood, with a horticulturist father and a love for green things, she’s opened an extra room which displays a vision of what your own spaces could look like.

With the addition of the showroom, Suci Potted Plants is still a cosy space teeming with greenery. A breathe of fresh air amongst the sterile spaces in Adelaide, and for us city busybodies, it’s quite like being transported into the wild.

This way visitors can walk in and be inspired on how to style their own homes. The wooden floorboards, beige accents and vivid greens capture that desired Pinterest quality.

Alongside Adelaide artist, Belinda Benton’s, creations spotted on every wall, Suci is a spot of reserved serenity that we imagine most people want to emulate inside their own homes.

Some of Suci’s bestsellers include the ZZ Plant (Zanzibar Gem) plus Devils Ivy (pothos), the Fiddle Leaf (Ficus Lyrata) and Snake Plant (Sansevieria). The Strelitzia Nicolai and Kentia Palm are great choices for those who want a big plant.

They sell a large range of brand name pots, stands and baskets. From brands such as Papaya, Milk and Sugar, Jones & Co and SA local Sticks and Stones. Their point of difference is that you can go in and buy a beautiful indoor plant to match.

You can check out Suci Potted Plants‘ new showroom at Shop 4, 89 Goodwood Rd.

Sun & Mon: 11-2
Sat & Tues: 10-4
Wed & Fri: 10-5
Thursday: 10-6


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