FIRST LOOK: The giant heron slide in Thorndon Park’s Super Playground has officially opened

The Campbelltown City Council has officially opened the giant heron slide, meaning that the Thorndon Park Reserve Playground is READY.

The focal feature of the newly renovated Thorndon Park Reserve Playground has officially opened.

The giant, heron slide was the last part of the playground to finish when the playground opened in December. But now that it’s complete, it’s sure to be popular amongst the young and young at heart.

The $3.1m redevelopment project celebrates the diverse and plentiful bird life that Thorndon Park is known for with play zones inspired by flight and nesting, as well as habitat types and food sources.

As well as the heron slide sculpture, there’s the wren climbing sculpture, the sky bridge, a liberty swing, a junior slide, as well as multi-purpose courts, a ninja warrior course, a flying fox and a hen misting water sculpture. Seriously. How good does that sound?!

Indeed, in total, the vibrant and bustling playground has four bird structures, each designed with on activity in mind. The hen is intended for waterplay, the wren for climbing, the crane for swinging and the most ambitious project, the heron for swinging. 

The bird theme was chosen with respect to the Kaurna history and as a testament to the natural beauty of biodiversity in the Reserve. 

When redevelopment began, it was announced that the majority of existing play equipment would be repurposed for other playgrounds including the beloved liberty swing, which allowed people with disabilities to enjoy the activity. 

The Rotary Club of Morialta members operate the adjacent kiosk and a heritage museum, with their support helping Thorndon Park become a tourist stop for the scenic and picturesque walking trails. 

For more information visit the website or Thorndon Park Facebook page.

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