FIRST LOOK: The Other Ostrich finds its feet in Hawthorn

“The Other Ostrich” is the brand new cafe on the block (or… in the nest?) that has quickly become the talk of the town.

Image Credit: Matt Hassett

“The Other Ostrich” is the brand new cafe on the block (or… in the nest?) that has quickly become the talk of the town.

The aim? To serve dishes that are not only delicious but also innovative, with a focus on gluten-free options.

Business partners and friends, Homi and Sam have turned their long-standing dream into a reality

“Both me and Sam always wanted to open a cafe/restaurant. We always dreamed of working in our own cafe and to be able to do whatever we want, and to try new things.” Homi said.

After months of searching for the perfect location and then diving into renovations with the help of friends and family, they’ve created a café that stands out not just for its food but for its story.

“It was a long process but enjoyable. It took us over 5 months to find a location and 2.5 months to renovate. Most days, we were renovating from 7am til 10pm, at least 6 days a week – and sometimes 7.”

The name itself sparks curiosity. At least it did for me. I asked Homi what was the influence behind such an interesting name.

“I love ostriches” he quipped. “Specifically their long neck and their gorgeous pink colour. It was one of my friends who came up with the name. I love it.”

“Meanwhile, my wife commented that it could be a flamingo. And that’s what we are. A flamingo cafe trying to be an ostrich. We blend unique with conventional.”

“We also fight a lot… in a fun way. And that comes out in the logo, too.”

And it’s this playful spirit that is what “The Other Ostrich” is all about.

Sam heads the kitchen, putting together a menu that’s as thoughtful as it is tasty. It’s a menu that’s 90% gluten-free and full of dishes like “Corney Avo” and “Not a Pancake” (a gluten-free waffle) that keep people coming back.

The Chef, Chen, is a good friend of both Homi and Sam, and has worked at Oreo prior to her move to The Other Ostrich.

The café itself is a blend of charm and comfort, with its quirky statues, cozy armchairs, and the sounds of a vintage vinyl player filling the air. It’s designed to be a space where technology takes a backseat, allowing for real connections between the staff and customers.

But, whilst they are reaping the benefits now, the journey was not without its challenges.

“Working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week non-stop for weeks and months was tough. So was finding the right staff, and meeting all the requirements from council to safety and doing advertising and social media and the finishing the renovation in time.”

“Since then, it’s been very rewarding when we see our regular customers week after week, and being able to provide them a great food and coffee plus and enjoyable environment.”

Looking forward, they envision “The Other Ostrich” as more than just a café. They see it as a destination in Adelaide where people can enjoy live music, tapas, and a pet-friendly atmosphere. They’re constantly thinking of ways to enhance the customer experience, like introducing a music station where customers can pick what plays next.

So, mosey on down to The Other Ostrich. I’ll grab an oat latte, thanks.

Where: 45C Sussex Terrace, Hawthorn SA
Open: Wed-Monday 7:30am till 3pm
Instagram: @theotherostrichcafe

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