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FIRST LOOK: Witchy charm meets whimsical wonder at new Three of Cups Teahouse

Three of Cups Teahouse has opened in the Myer Center, offering a whimsical and magical experience with hand-brewed tea, baked goods, and more

In the heart of the city, a magical teahouse has emerged: Three of Cups Teahouse, a blend of witchy charm, whimsical wonders, and inclusivity.

Owned by members of the queer community Vicki Ferguson, Tasha Falco Lewis, and Jess Falco, the trio envisioned a space which caters not only to tea enthusiasts, but bridges a gap for LGBTQIA+ and neurodiverse communities.

“The three of us, the three witches, we aren’t particularly coffee people, and we found a gap in the market based on coffee culture, because when you finish at around 3pm or 4pm in the city everything is closed,” Tash says.

“We found there was not really a space to sit down, have a cuppa, or meet with somebody before you go to dinner. We wanted to bridge that gap as a business and provide that safe, inviting space that isn’t a pub or a club.”

Having initially made waves with Trelawney’s Tea Caravan, the trio has been busy trading at markets, hosting tea tasting events, and booking weddings.

They always wanted a permanent space where people from all walks of life could share love and laughter over a brew or two. Three of Cups isn’t just a teahouse: it’s a place for people to connect and celebrate diversity.

“It is a quiet, inviting, and homely space. We work to emanate the vibe of the Aunts in Practical Magic, we’re very welcoming and we want to talk to you, we want to know you, and if you want to talk to us we want to provide a safe space where people feel welcome no matter who they are,” Tash says.

“Growing up queer or neurodivergent, you feel very ‘othered,’ and you search for places or people that embrace you for you, and that’s very much at the core of what we do here.”

Vicki described the teahouse as “witchy, but whimsical,” with elements such as an enchanted tree sculpture and a ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” wardrobe where you can walk through to Narnia.

“We want it to be whimsical, warm, and inviting, those are the three key things we want to evoke when you walk in, that’s how we want you to feel,” Vicki says.

The name ‘Three of Cups’ is inspired by the Three of Cups tarot card, which embodies the themes of coming together, liberation, and celebrating community- qualities that perfectly align with the teahouse, and is fitting given it is run by three people.

Additionally, the space accommodates tarot card readers offering diverse services like bone throwing, tea leaf reading, and photograph readings, further enhancing its mystical ambiance.

Vicki’s passion for making tea came about while in search of natural well-being remedies, inspiring the creation of a list of 20 teas with both hot and cold options, which she blends on-site by hand using compostable tea bags.

“It’s very much like watching a witch over a cauldron. It’s been really wonderful to talk to people who don’t really drink tea or haven’t drank anything other than your standard black tea, we get to watch that new world opening up for them,” she says.

Vicki says the apple pie tea is a crowd-favourite, an infusion of cinnamon, cloves, and apple pieces with a hint of spiciness.

Meanwhile, Tash prepares baked goods, with a banana chai cake, biscoff slice, and a brownie amking regular appearances, using seasonal produce from her garden and locally sourced ingredients.

“There’s also glitter everywhere- I also have edible golf leaf that I use on a lot of the food, you will quite often find sparkles on the food and definitely in the tea,” she says.

At Three of Cups you will also find an array of curios, artwork, secondhand plus size and alternative fashion, and giftware, with an emphasis on local and ethical shopping practices.

“We keep a key focus on locally made, female owned, first nations, and queer owned businesses,” Tash says.

Looking ahead, the trio plans to hire out Three of Cups for events in the new year and are considering hosting events such as trivia nights and queer speed dating.

WHAT: Three of Cups Teahouse.
WHERE: Level 2 Myer Centre, 14/38 Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA, 5000.
WHEN: Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm.

To find out more about Three of Cups Teahouse, click here.

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