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Five Coffee Table Books Worth The Read

A book should be read, not to just sit there and look pretty. Here are five books worth the read while looking fabulous on your coffee table.

Have you ever found yourself walking through Ikea and suddenly you’ve plonked yourself on a couch? It’s partly because your legs are sore, but the other reason is that they make everything look so homey and inviting. How does Ikea get this look? It’s all in the details. They’ve got little plants here, a coffee cup there and books strategically scattered everywhere. We bet you’ve picked up one of those books to read only to discover it’s in Swedish.

The fact you can’t read the book fits in well with the whole coffee table book concept; just sit there and look pretty. But, what’s the point in that? A book can sit there, look pretty and still be worth the read. So, here are five books perfect for the coffee table that won’t catch you out when someone asks you about it.

How to Be Parisian: Wherever You Are

French women. They’re so mysterious. Their look is alway on point, they have no trouble eating croissants every day, and they’re always oozing with confidence. It’s time to figure out how they do it! Not only does this book add a little style to your living room, but it’s the perfect illustrated handbook filled with witty stories that will guide you through French style, culture, beauty and most importantly, attitude.

The Magical Journey 

This one isn’t to read, but it sure is relaxing. The Magical Journey will take you on a colouring adventure through beautiful landscapes and fascinating cities. Check out our review here. Plus, if you’re actually good at colouring in you’ll be able to show off your work to guests.

Talking as Fast as I Can 

Haven’t we all wanted to be a Gilmore Girl? The ability to guzzle large amounts of coffee without getting high on caffeine. Be able to drop any pop-culture reference that people may or may not understand, but who cares you’re so far ahead from all that fast-talking. Lauren Graham gives us a look into her journey through Gilmore Girls, Parenthood and Gilmore Girls again. And hey, why wouldn’t you want her gorgeous face on your coffee table every day?

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck

Life. It’s a brilliant yet ever so stressful journey leaving us dissatisfied at points along the way. But, here’s where you start saying no to that disappointment. It’s time to shed that mental clutter and adopt that #sorrynotsorry attitude, get your priorities in order and figure out how to not give a f*ck.

The Little Book of Hygge

What does Hygge even mean? We’re told it’s the feeling you get when you cuddle up on the couch on a cold stormy day with the fireplace crackling and hot cup of tea brewing. How do we get this feeling? Well, start learning from the Danish for starters. Denmark is the happiest nation in the world so, why don’t we take a leaf out of this book and find out how we can become more hygge?

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