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Five Foodie Reasons To Visit Port Winterfest This Year

Amongst the ice skating, massive shows, workshops and family-friendly activities on at this year’s Port Winterfest, there’s also an abundance of unmissables for foodies to satisfy your winter cravings.

Exploring last year’s Winterfest in Port Adelaide was an absolute blast and we’re thrilled it’s returning even bigger for 2018!

Amongst the ice skating, massive shows, workshops and family-friendly activities there’s also an abundance of unmissables for foodies to satisfy your winter cravings.

Long Table Lunches

There’s not one, but two of these fantastic events! Both hosted by Warndu (aka the fabulous Rebecca Sullivan and her hubby), they’ll take you through a culinary journey of delectable local ingredients. The first, Short Days Long Lunch: An Indigenous Feast on Sunday 15th July, is celebrating NAIDOC week and chef Shannon Fleming (ex head chef of award winning SA restaurant ORANA no less!) will wow you with dishes prepared with Indigenous Australian ingredients. Picture hearty winter meats cooked over hot fire pits, dainty vegetables with pops of native flavour, and matched local wines and wattleseed lager to wash it all down!

If the plant-based lifestyle is more your thing or you just want to explore new food experiences, the following Sunday 22nd July, you can indulge in Short Days Long Lunch: A Plant Based Feast. Masterchef 2017 contestant, Sam Whitehead, and his sister Yasmin will be whipping up a vegan feast (that no animals had) to die for.

The Hummuseria

Yeah, you heard us. Hummus in every way you can imagine, and even some ways you can’t! Head to the Hubba Hubba Hummus food truck and try out a healthy dollop of the good stuff topped with Middle Eastern spiced lamb and pomegranate molasses or a swirl of baba ganoush topped with fried turmeric cauliflower, falafel, pickled cabbage, and boiled egg. Mop it (and your drool) up with warm pita. Yes. Yes please, and thank you.

Gospel Brunch

This is a combination of tasty brunch time deliciousness. Drinks and a whoooole lotta fun. Have you ever seen American gospel choirs praising the LAWD on TV and thought, ‘boy I’m not religious but that looks like a hoot’? Well now is your chance to come along and experience it all, whilst enjoying the greatest invention of the 21st century: brunch. The local legends at the Port Admiral Hotel will be providing light brunch options (which are included in the ridiculously cheap ticket cost of $25) and you can even purchase breakfast beverages to lighten the mood. Hallelujah!

Hot Cinnamon Donuts

Yes, we know that these are a given at many a festival… but just think about it. You’re chilly as you wander the streets filled with fairy lights, perhaps you’ve been for a spin around the ice rink so your fingers and frozen and your nose is red—then you get that sweet, hot cinnamon-y scent breeze by your nostrils. You grab a six pack for Donut Diner and let the crisp sweet outer shell melt away into warm dough inner goodness. Doesn’t the sound of that just warm your wintery soul? Plus the stand is so damned cute you’ll find yourself lining up, whether you thought you wanted donuts or not!

And Everything Else!

Okay, so we’re not going to name every food item from every menu at the two week festival, but here are some other faves you’ll want to keep an eye on: pig on a spit from city slickers Kaffana, warm black forest gateaux, hot roasted chestnuts, or vegan curried lentil shepherd’s pie with onion jam from Red Lime Shack. How about Italian meatball subs or German Floater (cheese kransky on a bed of mash w/bacon, sauerkraut, cheese, tomato sauce and wholegrain mustard).

We could go on, but we think it’s best you throw on the stretchy pants and meet us down there from 6 July (this Friday)!

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