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Five New Restaurants & Shops That Have Just Opened On King William Road

This is the perfect opportunity to check out all of the great spots on King William Road.


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Recent roadworks have finally come to pass. Coming to the end of its redevelopment, King William Road is back open and revitalised with an array of exciting new businesses opening up; making it Adelaide’s most newly renovated destination for eating, drinking and shopping.


The classic charcoal chicken joint meets a wine and cocktail bar. Newly opened last week by head chef of Leigh Street restaurant Shobosho, Adam Liston, and restaurateur Simon Kardachi, Joybird serves up roast chook, chips, wraps and sides with a modern spin.

“Basically, it’s a retro chicken and chip shop with a worldly approach. Remembering as a kid having chicken and chips as takeaway, which I now take my daughter to once a week. We’re trying to recreate that but with different flavours, roasted potatoes, and heaps of salads”, Adam says.

1/164 King William Rd, Hyde Park.

Mr Potato

The popular health-conscious shop Mr Potato is redefining the humble, misunderstood potato and transforming the fast food game – offering up healthy, wholesome meals at take-away speed and price. Choose a sweet potato or Spud Lite 25% less carb potato and top with a range of nutritious salads, proteins and condiments.

Founded by a model and a 36er’s development player – you can rest assured Mr Potato has been designed to get you your carb fix without throwing off the diet.

Sound a-peeling?

Shop 5/185 King William Rd, Hyde Park.

Agapi 160

New Greek restaurant Agapi 160 serves up traditional Greek cuisine with a twist. Expect to see all your favourite flavours on the menu, just presented differently. Agapi’s Octapodi tis Skaras features flavours of beetroot and walnut, and the classic baklava is served aside pistachio ice cream and Greek coffee soil.

Agapi is a cosy and intimate venue, seating just over thirty people indoors, with more room outdoors once the renovations are completed.

3/160 King William Road, Hyde Park.

Steven ter Horst

Local artisanal chocolatier Steven ter Horst has moved in, blessing Hyde Park with his legendary handmade chocolate and pastries.

An open plan kitchen means that customers can see where Steven makes every chocolatey morsel!

“We invite customers in to experience a real hot chocolate, European style,” says Steven. “We use Couverture to give a rich taste.”

185 King William Road, Hyde Park.

On the shopping front, two gorgeous new kids clothing stores have recently opened.

Little Light

Little Light on King William Road will be offering clothing, gifts and a play area out the back for the kids so you can take your time! They’ve also just launched their Halloween range.

175 King William Road, Hyde Park.

Hunter & Harper

Luxurious eco-friendly and organic baby clothes and baby hampers that are comfortable and safe for your precious little ones. That’s what Hunter & Harper are selling.

4/155 King William Road, Hyde Park.

With plenty of side street parking, King William Road is back and ready to take over as Adelaide’s premiere retail and eating destination. For more information on where to park check out the maps here.

A focus on creating space for alfresco dining and event space is transforming the area into the exciting, vibrant social hub we’ve all been waiting for.

For more information on the street and its new businesses, visit the Facebook page here.

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