Five Of The Most Mouthwatering Halloumi Dishes In Adelaide

Everything is better with halloumi so we figured it was probably about time we put together a guide to some of Adelaide’s most glorious halloumi dishes.


Some would say, myself included, that we are not deserving of halloumi.

Crispy, salty, and undoubtedly delicious, it is pretty much a must with any brunch, lunch, or dinner order.

Everything is better with halloumi.


We thereby figured it was probably about time we put together a guide to some of Adelaide’s most glorious halloumi dishes.

Go forth and eat (halloumi). 

Part Time Lover

Joining the impressive clique of hidden restaurants in the CBD is Pirie Street’s newest addition, Part Time Lover

The menu, curated by head chef Stewart Wesson, heralds a local halloumi dish ideal for sharing. The dish places halloumi front and centre. It is accompanied by chickpea hummus, picked onion and dukkha, and created for sharing. 

Sublime Café

The Popcorn Halloumi, or Halloumi Popcorn, was introduced by Head Chef Amanda, in a bid to further feed the vegetarian market.

According to Sublime Cafe, the Halloumi Popcorn can be ordered as a side, or added to other menu items. Word on the street is it should be eaten with Sublime’s house made tomato relish or lemon aioli.


Located on busy Fullerton Road, just opposite Victoria Park, Commissary is an all-day breakfast and lunch hangout. 

Order halloumi as a breakfast side. This is delightfully excessive, bang for your buck halloumi. An addition to be reckoned with.

Whistle & Flute

Whistle & Flute is one of Greenhill Road’s most popular eating spots. Boasting generous, on-trend dishes, the cafe is famed for its dog-friendly (and very aesthetically pleasing) courtyard.

The Halloumi Burger is the dish to focus on here. Featuring avocado, sweet corn salsa, a fried egg, sriracha mayo, and of course, abundant halloumi, this is a dish that might just please even the fussiest halloumi-fan.


Rated #1 on Trip Advisor and winner of Best European Restaurant in SA 2015, 2017, and 2019, Estia is renowned for its Mezze dining style.

Its halloumi dish: Saganaki.

Saganaki consists of delicious, fried pieces of halloumi, served in the piping hot pan (complete with oil, so careful not to burn yourself). Be sure to eat it while it’s hot, as cooled Saganaki turns rubbery and isn’t quite as spectacular as its freshly fried counterpart.

Honourable mention goes to Mister Sunshine’s Halloumi and Tomato Sandwich. Served with hummus and rocket, this one garners rave reviews from customers galore.

Have a favourite Adelaide halloumi dish? Feel free to let us know about it at [email protected].

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